Each Ember's Ghost

When a series of high-profile London thefts leaves Detective Jack Callaghan baffled, he begins to suspect that his perpetrator is no average cat burglar. After all, she can apparently melt locks with a gesture, render security cameras useless, and plant subconscious suggestions in the minds of onlookers. But why is this mysterious thief collecting relics of dubious monetary value? And how does Callaghan’s investigation tie in to his increasingly disturbing visions? To find answers, a veteran investigator must first unlock secrets buried deep within himself... all while unraveling a plot that could lead to the downfall of everything he holds dear.


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The Mystery Deepens in the World of Fireborn
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Thefts and Intrigue in The World of Fireborn
A Chapter from Each Ember's Ghost, a Novel by Steven Savile

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Each Ember's Ghost
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