Black Crusade: The Tome of Decay

Focusing on Nurgle, the Chaos God of pestilence and plague, The Tome of Decay, a supplement for Black Crusade, serves up all manner of ailments, resources, allies, and ideas for Nurgle’s grotesque followers. The Tome of Decay also includes advice for GMs on running their own plague-filled campaigns!

In addition to powerful new allies and ailments for the twisted followers of Nurgle, this volume contains many new resources for heretics of all sorts, whether they worship one of the Ruinous Powers or their own ambition. The Tome of Decay includes the Warpsmith and Veteran of the Long War Archetypes, whose endless war against the Imperium...

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The Tome of Decay
Announcing an Upcoming Supplement for Black Crusade

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Surrender to Temptation
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