Hello and Welcome, A Game of Thrones Fans!

Below you will find the decklists of the 8 finalists in our Chosen Few deckbuilding contest and staff proxy tournament. Watch this space for when we announce the winners of this tournament.

Thanks to everyone who participated and sent in decks and congratulations to our finalists!

The Field

We received decks from all over the world and the field of submissions overall was pretty even:

17% House Targaryen
16% House Greyjoy
16% Neutral House card
16% House Stark
14% House Lannister
14% House Martell
9% House Baratheon

 Jeff Lebow Kyle Szklenski Dan Strouhal Balan
 Brotherhood Without Banners Brotherhood Without Banners King’s Landing Defenders of the North
 Staff Proxy: Michael Hurley Staff Proxy: Jay Little Staff Proxy: Damon Stone Staff Proxy: Rob Kouba
 Baratheon Greyjoy Lannister Martell
   Knights of the Hollow Hill   The Rangers
 Plots   Plots The Builders
1Many Powers Long Asleep Plots1City of Lies The Stewards
1Mutual Cause1Retaliation!1City of Sin  
1Retaliation!1Summoning Season1City of Soldiers Plots
1Rule by Decree2The Power of Arms1The Power of Blood1Summoning Season
1The Red Wedding1Valar Morghulis1Valar Morghulis1Building Season
1Uneasy Truce1Rise of the Kraken1Wildfire Assault1Alliance
1Valar Morghulis1The Red Wedding1Summoning Season2The Power of Blood
      1To the Spears!
3Silent Sisters3Ambitious Oarsman3Joffrey Baratheon (KL)1Wildfire Assault
3Shadowcat3Island Smuggler1Cersei Lannister (KL)  
2Stormlands Smuggler3Euron Crow’s Eye2Gold Cloaks3The Red Viper
3Army of the Faithful2Cragorn1Littlefinger (KL)1Hamen Uller
3Melisandre (Core)3Bloodthirsty Crew1Qyburn1Arianne Martell
3Shadow Enchantress3Euron’s Enforcer1Ser Jaime Lannister (KL)1Ser Aerys Oakheart
3Wicked Seductress3Balon Greyjoy (KotS)1Syrio Forel3House Messenger
3Intolerant Priest1Asha Greyjoy2Tyrion Lannister (KL)3Paramour
3Old Red Priest2Victarion Greyjoy1Varys (KL)3Orphan of Greenblood
2Knight of Summerhall3Maester Wendamyr3Cersei’s Attendant2Maester of Lemonwood
1Lady Stoneheart1Wex Pyke1Chella Daughter of Cheyk3Ranger of the Watch
1Ser Eldon Estermont2Dagmer Cleftjaw3Enemy Informer1Stonesnake
3Aegon’s Garden1Randyl Tarly3Lannisport Steward3Defenders of the North
1Street of Sisters3Iron Island Fiefdoms3Lannisport Weaponsmith3Steward of the Watch
1Shadowblack Lane3Sunset Sea1Ser Arys Oakheart1Old Bear Mormont
3Kingdom of Shadows3Bloody Keep1Ser Ilyn Payne2Lost Ranger
1King Robert’s Chambers3The Iron Mines1The Hound (PotS)1Benjen Stark (Core)
3Stormlands Fiefdoms3Longship Iron Victory1Tywin Lannister (Core)1Maester Aemon (Core)
3Altar of Fire3Scouting Vessel3Alchemist’s Guild Hall1Shadowcat
3King Robert’s Debt3Refurbished Hulk2King’s Landing2The Wall (DotN)
2Make an Example3Longship Silence3Gold Tooth Mines1The Shadow Tower
3A Pinch of Powder3Risen from the Sea1Lannisport Brothel1Castle Black
3Bound by the Light3Driftwood Crown1Queen Cersei’s Chambers1Lord Doran’s Chambers
2Fanatic  1Shadowblack Lane3Summer Sea
2Milk of the Poppy  3Sunset Sea3Water Garden
    2The Goldroad3Golden Tooth Mines
    2Kingdom of Shadows1Lannisport Brothel
    2Condemned by the Counil3He Calls It Thinking
    2Death by Payne3Burning on the Sand
    3A Lannister Pays His Debts3The Sword in the Darkness
    3Rusted Sword1Red Vengeance
    2Court Advisor1Bodyguard
      3Taste for Blood


 Joe Becker Gilles Oth Alberto Garcia Antti Korventausta
 King’s Landing A Time of Ravens King’s Landing Defenders of the North
 Staff Proxy: Andrew Baussan Staff Proxy: Lukas Litzsinger Staff Proxy: Nate French Staff Proxy: Jaffer Batica
 Neutral Neutral Stark Targaryen
 Treaty with the South Kings of Summer City of Shadows  
 Plots Plots Plots2The Power of Blood
2The Power of Blood1Fleeing to the Wall1City of Lies1Mad King’s Legacy
1Wildfire Assault1Valar Morghulis1City of Sin1Herding the Masses
1Stay of Execution1Siege of Riverrun1City of Secrets1Stay of Execution
1Alliance1A Song of Summer1City of Soldiers1Winter Festival
1The Red Wedding1A Time of Ravens1City of Spies1Wildfire Assault
1Fleeing to the Wall1Battle of Oxcross1City of Spiders  
  1Alliance1Wildfire Assault1Brown Ben Plumm
2The Red Viper (PotS)    1Captain Groleo
2Arianne Martell1Ser Jorah Mormont (PotS)1Shaggydog3Daenerys Targaryen (Core)
2Ser Aerys Oakheart3Carrion Bird3Hungry Mob1Green Hatchling
2Harmen Uller1Samwell Tarly3Bran Stark (Core)3Illyrio’s Man
1Ellaria Sand3Bolton Refugee1Arya Stark (KL)3Khal Drogo (DotN)
1Myrcella Lannister (PotS)3Mountain Refugee1Tyrion Lannister (KL)1Quaithe of the Shadow
2Dornish Paramour3Highgarden Refugee1Ser Jorah Mormont (PotS)1Ser Jorah Mormont (PotS)
2Fleabottom Scavenger3Island Refugee3Peasant Defenders2Stalwart Shield
2Robert Baratheon (Core)3Refugee of the Plains3Pyromancer’s Apprentice1Strong Belwas
2Stannis Baratheon (Core)3Refugee of the Citadel1Syrio Forel3Val
2Maester Cressen3Vale Refugee1Varys (KL)3Viserys Targaryen (KotS)
2Melisandre (Core)1Gilly1Catelyn Stark (Core)1White Hatchling
2Eddard Stark (KL)2Depleted Host1Brienne of Tarth (PotS)1Benjen Stark (Core)
1Catelyn Stark (Core)2Destitute Horde1Qyburn1Daario Naharis
1Sansa Stark (Core)2Desert Exiles3Silent Sisters3Eastern Fiefdoms
2Littlefinger (KL)3Men With No King1Queen of Thorns1Khal Drogo’s Tent
2Joffrey Baratheon (Core)3Crossroads1The Hound (PotS)2Lady Daenerys’s Chambers
1Daenerys Targaryen (Core)1Street of Steel1Hodor1Street of Sisters
1Viserys Targaryen (Core)1Shadowblack Lane1Littlefinger (KL)3Summer Sea
2Balon Greyjoy (KotS)1Street of Sisters3Direwolf Pup1Temple of the Graces
2Jon Arryn2Support of the Kingdom3Great Keep3Distinct Mastery
2Former Champion2Seductive Promise3Kingdom of Shadows2Forever Burning
1Street of Steel2Retreat and Regroup2Twilight Market3True Power
1Street of Sisters1Missing Recruit2Narrow Sea3Bodyguard
1Shadowblack Lane2Spy in Their Midst1Lord Eddard’s Chambers2Bones of a Child
2Water Gardens1Beguiled Bodyguard1Street of Steel1Aegon’s Blade
1Lord Doran’s Chambers3Summer Reserves3The Black Cells2The Dragon’s Blood
2Summer Sea2Milk of the Poppy2Alchemist’s Guild Hall2Rusted Sword
1Dorne3Black Raven2Abandoned Forge1Formal Petition
3Distinct Mastery  3King’s Landing2Hrakkar Pelt
3The Hand’s Judgement  2Venomous Blade2Court Advisor
2Blood for Blood  1Nymeria  
3Bodyguard  2Seafarer’s Bow  
2Milk of the Poppy   2 Milk of the Poppy  
2Taste for Blood      
2Rusted Sword      



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