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Friendly local game stores (FLGS) reach out to their customers, and are more than stores from which to buy products. The owners of these stores and their staff actively engage their clientele, providing impromptu learn-to-play sessions, discussing game information, and providing gamers with a welcoming haven. In light of this, Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to take the opportunity to recognize their contributions.

These progressive hobby game store owners have created new business motifs and pushed forward into unexplored territory, dedicating themselves to customers. They have created gaming communities, supported the interests of players, and experimented with new approaches to best serve the hobby gaming industry.

Fantasy Flight Games is thrilled to be working with innovative store owners through a program that supports exceptional FLGS and helps them become an informational resource to their customers for FFG products. The Fantasy Flight Media Center aids such forward-thinking entrepreneurs in providing their customers with an entirely new way to discover and learn about FFG products.

We have placed over 100 Fantasy Flight Media Centers across North America with more retailers joining the program every week. Our continually growing program will soon lead to an international presence for this innovative sales tool.

We believe it is time to celebrate what FLGS are doing for their individual communities. We want to thank the industry leaders with a regular series of featured articles, spotlighting participating retailers. Our articles will showcase these FLGS, with each article focusing on a single retailer.

Why These Retailers?

The industry leaders spotlit in our series of featured articles have a local reputation for exceptional service and community outreach.

The FLGS are known as hubs for their local communities, providing them with the latest up-to-date notices about new and exciting releases within the hobby game industry.

Most importantly, these stores have built a community of players with different backgrounds and interests, providing them with a welcoming space to gather and build friendships. The spaces are open play areas in which the retailer’s community of players can congregate for casual play, events, share in their collective hobbies, or become introduced to new products.

The store owners often have a large library of demo games for their customers to access while in the store. This empowers their consumer base with the option to discover new interests and test out products they are interested in taking home.

Undeniably, these stores are supportive of the community they have built. Beyond their daily customer service, the retailers also host demo game nights, which introduce their customers to new games they might fall in love with, they run game-specific events, and they also host special themed-nights.

Fantasy Flight Games is producing our Retailer Spotlight articles to support these dedicated store owners as they have supported their communities.

For Retailers

If you are a retailer in the Media Center program and are interested in participating in our retailer spotlight series of features, please contact us at: [email protected].

If you are not currently in the Media Center program but are interested, you can find out more about the program and how to join by visiting our Media Center website.

For Consumers

If you’re a customer who is interested in visiting one of these awesome game stores, check back to see which retailers are near you.



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