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The Game Master's Kit Arrives
Rogue Trader | Published 07 December 2009

Greetings, Rogue Traders!

Last week a transport broke free of the warp and delivered a shipment to our warehouse. I’m pleased to announce that the Rogue Trader Game Master’s Kit has arrived, and is being shipped out to stores even as I write this.

The Game Master’s Kit comes with a sturdy, full color Game Master’s Screen, packed full of tables and information for quick referencing during game sessions. In addition, the kit comes with a booklet containing an NPC starship generator and a random star system generator, allowing Game Masters to quickly fill in the blank spaces on the map for their players to explore, and populate them with diverse adversaries. In addition, the Game Master’s Kit includes a new adventure for the Rogue Trader line, Whispers on the Storm.

Whispers on the Storm sees the characters presented with a profit-filled opportunity, and a powerful ally. However, in the Expanse nothing is what it first appears, and this holds doubly true for the situation the characters find themselves in.

Just why has Captain Keel traveled into the Koronus Expanse, and what could prove so threatening that he has brought an Imperial cruiser with him? Where is Svard, and what secrets lie below churning cloud decks, within the orbiting Installation 23?

Players must discover the answers to these questions if they hope to triumph, or even survive. Success promises riches…and the chance for the players to build a dynasty from conflict and war. However, should they fail, the burning wreckage of their ship will be lost forever beneath Svard’s storms.

Keep your eyes peeled for more cool information about the Game Master’s Kit. Until then, may all your endeavours bear profit!

Rogue Trader is a roleplaying game set in dark gothic far future of Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 universe. Players take on the roles of explorers aboard a Rogue Trader's ship, searching for profit and adventure while discovering new alien cultures and threats in the uncharted regions of space.

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Comments (11)

Published: 12/8/2009 5:37:46 PM

Soooo glad they came up with a planet creator.

Published: 12/8/2009 2:50:59 PM

 Great! I hope it covers small craft (shuttles, guncutters, and the like).

Published: 12/8/2009 2:06:19 PM

Woo Hoo!

This looks seriously awesome. Still plowing my way through the rulebook, but loving it so far. Might just have a new favourtie game...

Published: 12/8/2009 12:45:14 PM

The art looks great and I am looking forward to seeing the starship generator.  Sounds like fun.

Sister Callidia
Published: 12/8/2009 10:41:49 AM

I have reason now to check out my not so local game store soon. This sounds like a good deal to me.

Published: 12/8/2009 2:01:39 AM

Let´s hope that this adventure is better prepared then the one in the DH GM Kit.

...but since they offer up a planet generator, one cannot say "no". Even as some-one only playing DH, you need planets and might run out of ideas.

Published: 12/7/2009 11:44:52 PM

Awesome . . . now I don't have to keep using my Dark Heresy GM screen . . . along with more useful table printouts . . . will buy this instantly.

Published: 12/7/2009 6:51:38 PM

On, and while we're at it: Will this kit hold the missing "Retainers" that are referenced but never once actually shown/used in the core?

Or is there an errata/Apocrypha coming along shortly to address this, rather sad, oversight?

Published: 12/7/2009 6:49:04 PM

Installation 23?

I just think that I'll throw the Ark of Covenant and the Crystal Skull in there, in some ancients boxes. ;)

And I'll use this as inspiration for random encounters: 

Published: 12/7/2009 6:44:22 PM

Ditto.  This looks too cool.

Published: 12/7/2009 5:03:39 PM

 Oh wow NEAT! I need to toss this on my wish list. ;)

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