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The first preview for Chaos in the Old World, a designer diary from Eric Lang!
Chaos in the Old World | Published 03 June 2009

The Warhammer Fantasy world is plagued with strife as ancient enemies wage war for reasons perhaps none of them can even remember. Yet even amidst the ravages of battle, the Old World is partially united under one looming threat: that of impending Chaos.

Now the unimaginable is about to transpire. From beyond the depths of reason, behind the Gates of Chaos, four Ruinous Powers – the ancient gods of Chaos – have come forth to reclaim the world for themselves. It is their will that the world of mortals be corrupted and remade in their image.

In Chaos in the Old World, you play as one of the four Ruinous Powers of Chaos itself.

From the northern wastes of Troll Country to the shores of Estalia to the ruins of the Badlands, it is up to you to corrupt the denizens of the Old World or dominate it outright with the strength of your daemonic followers. The challenge facing you is not only the resistance of the world itself, but the machinations of the other Ruinous Powers, each equally malevolent but completely different in ethos.

Game play is a chronology of the Old World during its imminent doom. Over a series of rounds, each Ruinous power must carefully choose how to use his godly power, either by summoning cultists to corrupt a region or daemons to dominate by force, or playing chaos cards into regions to influence them. Once everyone’s devious plans are set in motion, battle erupts wherever more than one Ruinous power has deployed followers.

When the fires of battle have waned, surviving cultists seek to corrupt the regions in the name of their Ruinous Power. Any region that falls under too much corruption, however, is ruined and considered a great conquest for the particular Chaos gods that aided in its fall. Victory is handed to the single Ruinous Power that has achieved the most conquest points through a careful balance of ruination, corruption, domination and battle.


Each Ruinous Power has a unique play style as well as a secondary victory condition. Khorne, the Blood God, wins if he has killed enough of his enemies. Nurgle, the Lord of Pestilence, wins if he has diseased enough of the more populated regions in the Old World. Tzeentch, the Changer of Ways, wins if he has corrupted enough areas with a high concentration of magic. Slaanesh, the Prince of Pleasure and Pain, wins if he has enslaved enough nobles and heroes of the Old World to his debaucheries.

On top of it all, the Old World is resisting corruption from the forces of Chaos. Each round, different events will take place, from Witch Hunters rooting out heretical cultists to Orc invasions throwing a wrench in your own apocalyptic plans. If one of the four Ruinous Powers cannot claim victory within a certain number of rounds, the Old World has successfully overcome corruption and all lose the game!

Hopefully this has whet your appetite for a game I’m extremely proud of. More will be revealed over the next few weeks, including another designer diary about some of the specific design challenges. Until then, may you enjoy playing the bad guys!

Eric Lang, designer of Call of Cthulhu Card Game and A Game of Thrones Card Game, is known for his innovative designs and devious strategies. Currently he has escaped to the South Pacific, where he is cooking up yet another excellent game. As he will be making an appearance at GenCon, Eric Lang would like to issue a challenge to all would-be Ruinous Powers, as he is as of yet undefeated.

Chaos in the Old World is a game of conquest, pitting the four Ruinous Powers of Chaos against each other for control of the Old World. Players must out summon, out play, and outwit theirs rivals to ensure their domination of the lands for ages to come.

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Comments (12)

Published: 6/7/2009 4:07:34 PM

Could be a big hit. Very looking forward to it.

Laurence J Sinclair
Published: 6/5/2009 5:41:53 PM

Yes, they appear to be cleverly re-using some of the old Ian Miller images.  If only they could commission him to do a new piece.

Published: 6/5/2009 9:35:18 AM

"Realm of Chaos", those acient days...

With this long list of dozens of zoologic mutations. Ahh.. acient days...

Published: 6/5/2009 12:17:45 AM

Love the artwork of the the Khorne and Tzeentch cards.

Reminds me of the Realm of Chaos sourcebook of the very first edition of WFRP.

Published: 6/4/2009 9:13:49 AM

Die Seeligkeit einer Messerschneide

Der exquisite Schmerz der Freuden bringt

Alles im Namen unseres Prinzen
Unserer dunklen Geliebten

Oh prachtvoller Slaanesh!

You, roll around in foil and blood and scheme your schemes.
The Exaltation is ours, foolish ones!

Published: 6/4/2009 4:07:20 AM

The Horned Rat is not a great chaos god like Khone or Tzeenche. It's rather a major demon of Nurgle or a minor god, but not able to compete with the 4 chaos gods. So it should not be in the game as a separate faction.

Published: 6/4/2009 3:47:46 AM

Ths sounds very promising  - nice minis

Published: 6/4/2009 3:17:17 AM

     After all these years of total foolishly neglection. ( from the part of Games workshop )

Here come the games they should have made and probably even Better!

I'm really looking forward to this one! Probably full of Atmosphere!

Keep up the Evil work!



Published: 6/4/2009 1:27:55 AM

I miss the Horned Rat... Do we smell an expansion on the horizon?

Published: 6/3/2009 11:09:17 PM

Blisters,  fevers,  weeping sores! From your wounds the fester pours!

Its going to be awesome to hear about this game! How big of a role will the cards play? How big a role will the minis play? will we need to strike temp. alliances to fend off ock hordes? So many cool things could be in the game.

Hopefully the "card" aspect of the game does not overpower the the game as a whole, making it a "card game that comes with a board and some bits". Still very excited!

Published: 6/3/2009 5:14:01 PM

Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull God!

Failure to conquer the Old World is not an option, for death and destruction for the glory of Khorne are the only sure things!

I truly cannot wait for the release of this game!

For Chaos!

TS Luikart
Published: 6/3/2009 4:38:27 PM

Oh it is so ON Mr. Lang. You will fall before the machinations of the Architect of Fate.

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