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Healing Runes and Serpent Demons
Preview Andira Runehand and the Medusae from Crusade of the Forgotten

The cult of the Forgotten spreads throughout Terrinoth like infection through a body, and only the efforts of a few noble heroes can stop it from growing further. In the Crusade of the Forgotten Hero and Monster Collection for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition, you’ll enter this climatic story, whether you swell the ranks of the Forgotten with your monsters or battle against their incursions with your heroes.

Like other Hero and Monster Collections, Crusade of the Forgotten adds four heroes and three monster groups, all newly reimagined in the aesthetic of Descent Second Edition. Today, we’ll take a closer look at a hero and a monster group within the Crusade of the Forgotten expansion. Read below to preview the healing prowess of Andira Runehand and the beguiling power of the medusae.

Contains four heroes, four sorcerers, three medusae, and two golems

Blessed with Power

When Andira Runehand first charged headlong into the demonic horde at Silverholt, everyone believed she was a direct sign of divine intervention. Raising her hand and banner high, she scattered the Uthuk Y’llan vanguard without striking a single blow. The rune incised upon her palm was proof of her supernatural gifting, and now, her authoritative teachings fill her companions with courage as they battle the evil cult of the Forgotten.

As a Healer for your hero party, Andira has the powers to keep you and your fellow adventurers hale and healthy, while still dealing plenty of damage to any monsters that stand in her way. Andira’s hero ability reads, “Each time a hero within 3 spaces of you suffers 1 or more damage from an attack, the figure that performed the attack suffers 1 damage.” By turning damage back against the foul monsters of the overlord, you can quickly deal more damage to attacking monsters, helping to safeguard nearby heroes.

Andira’s heroic feat offers another way to heal nearby heroes and vanquish the monsters of the overlord. As an action, Andira may choose a nearby hero and attack a monster. After the attack, the chosen hero recovers twice as much damage as Andira Runehand dealt to the monster. By combining healing and attack in one action, Andira gives your hero party some powerful benefits whenever you fight against the Forgotten and their hideous monsters, such as the medusae.

Serpent Demons

In times long past, a den of medusae spun a myth that their gaze could turn a living man to stone. Many fools have entered the lairs of these conniving serpent demons, wielding ineffectual shields of glass or stumbling forward with eyes tightly closed, but the deadly hexes of the medusae are easily cast on men who refuse to watch. Now, the medusae employ their magic in the service of the Forgotten, enslaving the innocent and destroying those who oppose them.

In battle, the medusae can prove themselves effective ranged combatants, attacking the heroes from afar with ancient and evil magic. Each medusa possesses enough combat dice to strike effectively from outside the reach of the heroes. When you play the overlord, your medusae can use their ranged attacks to harry the heroes, even as your strongest monsters block their way forward.

As an added bonus, a medusa can inflict a vast variety of conditions on the helpless heroes. Any medusa can inflict the immobilized or poisoned conditions, either wearing a hero down or keeping him from moving during his turn. Master medusae can poison or immobilize heroes, but they can also use their comprehensive knowledge of spells to stun a hero, robbing the hero of an action on his next turn and giving you time to accomplish your goals as the overlord. However you weave the manifold spells of the medusae, you’re sure to impede the heroes as they attempt to undermine the spread of the Forgotten.

Join the Fight

Whether you plague the heroes from every side with the attacks of the medusae, or heal your compatriots with the power of Andira Runehand, you’ll find the heroes and monster groups you need in Crusade of the Forgotten.

Preorder the Crusade of the Forgotten Hero and Monster Collection at your local retailer today!

Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition is a story-driven board game for 2-5 players that takes a party of adventurers deep into the dungeons of Terrinoth for adventure, treasure, and glory. Players will embark on a campaign of linked quests as they develop characters based on four fantasy archetypes.

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