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Go Beyond Good and Evil 4
This Summer: Anima: Shadow of Omega revised and Beyond Good and Evil
Anima: The Card Game | Published 08 April 2009

This Summer, the world of Gaïa returns in Anima: Shadow of Omega Revised Edition. Anima: Shadow of Omega is an adventure game that takes 2-5 players into a beautifully-illustrated world that combines elements of both Eastern and Western artistic and narrative traditions. In Anima: Shadow of Omega, players form bands of heroes and race to complete missions before confronting the final enemy: Omega.

The revised edition of Anima: Shadow of Omega has been overhauled to create a more enjoyable and dynamic game experience. Revisions include brighter art, enhanced graphics, more durable cards, and an updated rules set that incorporates errata. This edition also introduces the all-new Crisis! end-game design which creates exciting showdowns and dramatic finishes for every game.

Also coming this Summer is the second Anima card game, compatible with the revised edition of Shadow of Omega. In Anima: Beyond Good and Evil, the adventures of Gaïa continue into deeper and darker territory. Where once Omega stood as the ultimate threat, now an ever greater threat looms, a threat that will destroy Gaïa unless there are heroes brave enough and daring enough to stand against it.

Anima: Beyond Good and Evil is a complete, standalone game for 2-4 players, but it can be combined with Anima: Shadow of Omega and played with up to five players in an even more epic gaming experience.

Disparate bands of heroes and villains rally to stand against this deadly evil. It’s up to you marshal them, wield their abilities and stop the final horror. It is time to go… beyond good and evil.

Anima: Shadow of Omega
is an adventure card game that takes place in the world of Gaïa. Illustrated by some of the finest fantasy artists of Europe, Japan, and the US, Anima brings together elements of Eastern and Western art and storytelling traditions and combines them into a fully-realized world of adventure and excitement. See also: Anima: Beyond Fantasy Roleplaying Game and  Anima: Tactics miniatures game.

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Comments (4)

Published: 4/9/2009 9:59:54 AM

Finally! I can't wait for this to come out. I'm buying both the moment they come out.

Published: 4/9/2009 5:26:27 AM

Finally! :)

Anima: Shadow of Omega is by far the most played card game by our gaming group.


Published: 4/9/2009 4:36:47 AM

It is nice to see that this very good game is getting a new lease of life.  I have played it quite a lot since it first came out, and enjoyed it.  It was one I thought needed an expansion for more variety and here it is!

The original also needed some rulings cleared up and I expect the new version will do this, but i don't relish paying for it again.  Will the errata be seperate?  Will the old set fit with the new expansion?

Published: 4/8/2009 6:17:39 PM

Very cool!

     We have played the Shadow of Omega a few times and it is a very fun system.

     Adding new cards will be fantastic! I was concerned with the re-playability of the base game as it was, with no ways to expand it I was afraid it had a low shelf-life.



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