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End Game
Reports from the Final Week of the Chronos Protocol Tour
Android: Netrunner The Card Game | Published 16 May 2014

It comes down to this. All negotiations have been finalized. The decision has been made. One corporation will walk away the proud owner of a new, revolutionary mind-mapping technology, and the other will retreat to its corporate offices and lick its wounds. Who will be victorious? Jinteki or Haas-Bioroid?

Over the past two weeks, we have presented summaries of the Chronos Protocol Tour events that comprised this extraordinary, worldwide Android: Netrunner event. Today, we bring you reports from the tour's final weekend, in which this global event spanned three continents. Finally, we will announce which corporation will seize control of the revolutionary Chronos Protocol!

Good Game–Sharq, Kuwait

The weekend's first stop was at Good Game in Kuwait, where Runners and Corps struggled to master the virtual world and control the flow of data.

Anarchs set the pace for the Runners at Good Game. They were the most popular faction among the tournament's full field and claimed fully half of the top eight, with two Whizzards, a Noise and a Reina Roja. Nonetheless, even as the Anarchs were torching corporate servers left and right, the Criminal minority slipped through the cracks to claim the top three spots, including champion Angelo Gubetina’s winning Andromeda deck.

Hass-Bioroid, NBN, and Jinteki all proved so popular among the Corps that they managed to completely edge Weyland out of the top eight. Angelo’s winning Cerebral Imaging deck relied on Haas-Bioroid’s powerful ice and its ability to generate extra clicks in order to deny the runner the opportunity to score them from remote servers.


Cerebral Imaging


Event (18):
3 Account Siphon
3 Dirty Laundry
3 Emergency Shutdown
3 Inside Job
3 Special Order
3 Sure Gamble


Hardware (8):
3 Desperado
2 Plascrete Carapace
3 R&D Interface

Resource (8):
3 Daily Casts
3 Kati Jones
2 Mr. Li

Icebreaker (7):
1 Crypsis
1 Femme Fatale
1 Corroder
1 Yog.0
1 Ninja
2 Deus X

Program (4):
3 Datasucker
1 Mimic



Agenda (10):
3 Accelerated Beta Test
1 Efficiency Committee
3 NAPD Contract
3 Project Vitruvius


Asset (3):
3 Jackson Howard

Operation (23):
2 Archived Memories
3 Blue Level Clearance
3 Biotic Labor
2 Celebrity Gift
1 Corporate Shuffle
3 Green Level Clearance
3 Hedge Fund
3 Restructure
3 Reclamation Order

Barrier (7):
3 Eli 1.0
2 Heimdall 1.0
2 Hive

Code Gate (3):
2 Viktor 2.0
2 Viktor 1.0

Sentry (2):
2 Ichi 1.0

Warpig Games–Santiago, Chile

Our next stop brings us across the globe to Warpig Games in Santiago, Chile, where the Chronos Protocol vote swung heavily in Haas-Bioroid’s favor.

Shaper proved to be the most popular Runner faction, with Kate “Mac” McCaffrey, Rielle “Kit” Peddler, and Chaos Theory all appearing in the top eight. Criminal also made a strong showing in the top eight, with Andromeda claiming both first and second place.

On the Corp side, Haas-Bioroid and NBN tied for popularity in the field and both proved competitive in the top eight, with Haas-Bioroid claiming first and second place and NBN claiming the next three spots. Meanwhile, of the three Jinteki players that attended, two of them managed to win seats among the top eight. In the end, though, it was Haas-Bioroid and winner Freddy Then that claimed the day, as he built upon the strengths of Andromeda and Engineering the Future to earn first place.


Engineering the Future


Event (19):
3 Account Siphon
3 Dirty Laundry
2 Emergency Shutdown
3 Forged Activation Orders
2 Hostage
3 Special Order
3 Sure Gamble


Hardware (4):
3 Desperado
1 HQ Interface

Resource (5):
1 Professional Contacts
3 Daily Casts
1 Kati Jones

Icebreaker (10):
2 Corroder
1 Crypsis
3 Faerie
1 Femme Fatale
1 Mimic
1 Yog.0
1 ZU.13 Key Master

Program (7):
2 Datasucker
1 Keyhole
2 Sneakdoor Beta
2 Crescentus





Agenda (7):
1 Accelerated Beta Test
3 Executive Retreat
3 Priority Requisition


Asset (13):
2 Adonis Campaign
2 GRNDL Refinery
3 Jackson Howard
2 Melange Mining Corp
2 PAD Campaign
2 Private Contracts

Upgrade (3):
3 Ash 2X3ZB9CY

Operation (5):
1 Closed Accounts
3 Hedge Fund
1 Subliminal Messaging

Barrier (10):
3 Eli 1.0
2 Heimdall 2.0
1 Paper Wall
1 Ice Wall
3 Wall of Static

Code Gate (7):
3 Tollbooth
3 Viktor 2.0
1 Quandary

Sentry (4):
1 Ichi 1.0
1 Janus 1.0
2 Rototurret

Games Academy–Pescara, Italy

Our final stop of the Chronos Protocol Tour was Games Academy in Pescara, Italy. The event drew a small but dedicated group of players, who enjoyed an Italian meal with the store’s staff the night before the event.

On the day of the event, the competition was fierce, and both Runners and corporations pursued victory at all costs. On the Runner side, champion Remia Simone’s Gabriel Santiago deck led the way, using a variety of run events and Same Old Thing to get the most out of Gabriel Santiago’s ability. Shaper was the most popular faction of the day, with one of each of the Shaper identities in the top eight.

For the Corporations, Weyland’s new GRNDL made a splash, scorching Runner after Runner along its path to first place. Haas-Bioroid also continued to see success, with both Engineering the Future and NEXT Design represented in the top eight.

Gabriel Santiago

GRNDL: Power Unleashed

Event (19):
3 Account Siphon
3 Dirty Laundry
3 Emergency Shutdown
1 Indexing
3 Inside Job
3 Special Order
3 Sure Gamble

Hardware (6):
3 Desperado
3 Plascrete Carapace

Resource (6):
3 Armitage Codebusting
3 Same Old Thing

Icebreaker (8):
2 Corroder
3 Faerie
1 Femme Fatale
1 Mimic
1 Yog.0

Program (6):
3 Knight
3 Sneakdoor Beta

Agenda (12):
2 False Lead
3 Geothermal Fracking
1 Government Contracts
3 Hostile Takeover
3 Project Atlas

Asset (3):
3 Snare!

Operation (17):
2 Anonymous Tip
3 Hedge Fund
2 Power Shutdown
3 Restructure
3 Scorched Earth
1 SEA Source
3 Subliminal Messaging

Barrier (7):
2 Bastion
3 Ice Wall
2 Wall of Static

Code Gate (3):
3 Enigma

Mythic (2):
2 Chimera

Sentry (5):
3 Archer
2 Grim

Additional Data

Over the past two weeks, we have highlighted seventeen different events from almost a dozen different countries, but there were dozens more events that took place over the course of April. We have posted additional winning deck lists and top eight deck factions for those interested in dissecting more data from the Chronos Protocol Tour.

To the Victor Go the Spoils

There was never any chance that any Corp would ever share a process as revolutionary as the Chronos Protocol. Throughout the Chronos Protocol Tour, players cast their votes to help decide which faction would win this new technology: Haas-Bioroid or Jinteki. After a month of corporate bids, counter-offers, threats, and negotiations carried out behind the scenes, who walked away with the coveted Chronos Protocol technology?

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce that the winner is Jinteki’s Chronos Protocol: Selective Mind-Mapping!

The Network Is Strong

Throughout the tour, players attended events across the world, received countless prizes, blitzed the network with their runs, and sprang an untold number of traps, but at the end of the Chronos Protocol Tour, two things stand above the rest: the camaraderie displayed among players and the vote to decide the future of Android: Netrunner.

Accordingly, we would like to offer very large and heartfelt thank you to all the stores that hosted the Chronos Protocol Tour and the players who came out to compete. Always be running!

Based on the classic card game designed by Richard Garfield, Android: Netrunner The Card Game is a game for two players set in the dystopian future of Android. It pits monolothic megacorps against subversive netrunners in a high-stakes struggle for the control of valuable data.

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