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Utter the Curse
Malefic Curses Is Now Available
Wiz-War | Published 16 January 2014

Your duels in the magical labyrinth of Wiz-War are more chaotic and crazy now than ever before! Malefic Curses, the newest expansion for Wiz-War is now available, both at your local retailer and online through our webstore.

The Ways of Magic

Malefic Curses raises the stakes in every confrontation between you and your fellow wizards, as three new schools of magic clash. Two new kinds of energy add new power to your spells, and a potential fifth player makes your wizard duels more unpredictable than ever!

Our first preview of Malefic Curses examined the Necromancy school of magic. While other schools of magic may focus on the elements, creations, or mutations, the Necromancy school of magic centers around one thing: manipulating life. The spell card Drain Life helps you in more ways than one by allowing you to gain life that your opponent loses, and Delay Death allows you to cheat the inevitable, possibly buying you the time you need to seize victory.

When randomness and chance rule your spells, you can be sure you’re drawing upon the uncertain power of the Chaos school of magic. We examined the twists and turns of this school of magic in our second preview, as well as exploring the power of random energy. Random energy offers you a new way to fuel your spells and movement, but since you must roll a four-sided die to generate random energy, you can never be quite sure how much energy you’re getting. Random energy isn’t the only source of unpredictability in the Chaos school of magic. A spell like Prismatic Mist fills a space with a luminous mist. Entering the mist may grant you knowledge of new spells, cause damage, or force you to lose movement points. Your fate with the Chaos school of magic depends on the roll of the die.

In our third preview, we delved into the Hexcraft school of magic and the power of hexes. Hexes are a new form of creation in Malefic Curses, unique to the Hexcraft school of magic. The exact effects of entering a hex vary from random teleportation to losing spell cards to taking damage. The effects may vary, but any hex means bad news for a wizard that dares to enter, making hexes an effective way of declaring a passage off-limits to trespassing wizards.

Reenter the Labyrinth

Are you prepared to tap the powers of Necromancy, Chaos, and Hexcraft? Download the rules from the support page, and pick up your copy of Malefic Curses at your local retailer today!

Deep underground in a magical maze, dueling wizards scheme to steal each other’s treasures during the classic, clever (and sometimes comical) confrontations of Wiz-War! This classic board game of magical mayhem for 2-4 players pits players’ wizards against each other in a stupendous struggle for magical mastery.

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