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Unleash the Power of the Force
Balance of the Force Is Now On Sale!
Star Wars: The Card Game | Published 13 December 2013

“Yes, a Jedi's strength flows from the Force. But beware of the dark side. Anger, fear, aggression; the dark side of the Force are they.”
   -Yoda, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

The galactic civil war of Star Wars™: The Card Game is exploding, and you can now enjoy the game in three separate formats: head-to-head, two-versus-two, and challenge decks. Balance of the Force, the second deluxe expansion for Star Wars: The Card Game, is now on sale at your local retailer and online through our webstore!

This new expansion introduces the first multiplayer rules for Star Wars: The Card Game, inviting you to grab some friends for two-on-two matches or go up against one of two challenge decks covered in past previews – Jerjerrod’s Task or The Hunt for Skywalker. These unique, story-driven decks create narrative scenarios in which one player must face a team of two or three other player, introducing opportunities and challenges for new players as well as the more experienced.

Even without playing multiplayer, there’s plenty in Balance of the Force for the game’s head-to-head contests. Six powerful new objective sets (one copy each of six objective sets) are included in addition to the challenge decks, as we saw in our last preview. No matter what options you use from Balance of the Force, the struggle between the light side and the dark side of the Force has never been more intense!

Build the Death Star or Escape the Empire

You can battle up to three of your friends in a massive struggle with a self-enclosed Balance of the Force challenge deck. When you play the Jerjerrod’s Task challenge deck, you have the opportunity to complete the construction of the second Death Star and aim its extreme power at the light side forces desperately attempting to stop your efforts. The dark side player begins with three powerful objectives in play and plays more as time goes on, bringing you closer to bringing the Death Star II (Balance of the Force, 455) into play. If the light side players can construct decks with the ability to work together and break through your defenses, they may claim victory – but can they really defeat the dark schemes of Emperor Palpatine (Balance of the Force, 454)?

Luke Skywalker (Balance of the Force, 485) is on the run from the Empire after his last minute rescue from Cloud City in the light side challenge deck, The Hunt for Luke Skywalker. The light side must help Luke remain hidden until the trail goes cold and the dark side players give up the hunt for good. You have the opportunity to strategically arrange your nine objectives at the beginning of the game, as you attempt to keep Luke out of the clutches of the dark side. If you completely deplete every dark side player’s deck, Luke successfully eludes the Empire’s search, but if your opponents find and defeat Luke before they run out of cards, they win the game. Even facing extraordinary opposition, though, Luke can find unexpected allies. The SpecForces Commando (Balance of the Force, 478), Bothan Facilitators (Balance of the Force, 475), and others can help you shore up your defenses while conducting undercover strikes against the force of the dark side.

Enhancing Standard and Multiplayer Games

Balance of the Force’s six new objective sets bring iconic characters to center stage and provide a host of new options for both standard one-versus-one games and for multiplayer. Each of these potent objective sets carries the text, “Limit 1 per objective deck,” but these sets are certain to have a significant impact on your game.

Each new objective set contains a copy of the new fate card, Supporting Fire (Balance of the Force, 420), which allows you or another friendly player to contribute a card to an edge battle after the cards have been revealed. Equally useful in multiplayer or standard play, Supporting Fire allows you to play a card with full knowledge of your opponent’s strength. You can almost guarantee you’ll be able to win the edge battle by using this fate card, giving you the opportunity to strike first and incapacitate your opponent’s forces.

You’ll also gain access to new tricks and traps, as well as powerful units old and new, such as an alternate version of Obi-Wan Kenobi (Balance of the Force, 417), alongside Mara Jade (Balance of the Force, 430) and Dash Rendar (Balance of the Force, 426). Whether you’re playing multiplayer or the standard game, every objective set in Balance of the Force invites you to explore new worlds of possibility as you battle for the light side or the dark side of the Force.

Restore Balance Today

Balance of the Force is now available at your local retailer. Whose side will you take in the struggle for control of the Force? Gather your friends to take on a challenge deck or build new decks with the expansion’s six new objective sets. Pick up your copy of Balance of the Force today!

The characters, starships, and situations of the original Star Wars trilogy come to life in Star Wars: The Card Game, a head-to-head Living Card Game® of tactical combat and strategic planning that allows two players to wage cinematic combats between the light and dark sides of the Force.

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