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Download the Updated Android: Netrunner FAQ and Tourney Rules
Android: Netrunner The Card Game | Published 18 October 2013

The 2013 Android: Netrunner World Championship tournament is just around the corner, and that means it’s time for an update to the Android: Netrunner FAQ (pdf, 13.5 MB) and Tournament Rules (pdf, 1.3 MB).

Click on the above thumbnails to download the FAQ (left) and Tourney Rules (right)

This November 7th – 10th, players from across the globe will start their runs on the Fantasy Flight Games Center and the FFG World Championship Weekend to vie for control of the network’s most valuable data. The cat-and-mouse struggles of Android: Netrunner are full of high-stakes bluffs and gambles, so when you attend, you’ll want to make sure you’ve fully scanned and processed the information in these official, updated rules documents.

For more about the changes, we present you with a few words from the game’s developers.

A Word from the Developers

Greetings, Android: Netrunner players!

In the updated FAQ you will find new answers about cards released in Creation and Control and Opening Moves. You will also find our very first card errata in the game.

Pawn (Opening Moves, 2), with its original wording, allowed players to play against its intended ability by not hosting it on a piece of ice. This was not the intent on the card, and the ability to search for another Caïssa program now requires Pawn to be hosted on a piece of ice. We will correct the text on all future printings of the card.

The tournament rules have no significant changes, other than a note that Second Thoughts is not legal for Worlds. It is important that players are confident in their preparation for a major tournament, and we do not want to surprise them with any potential last minute swings in the meta.

Thanks for playing the game, and don't forget to submit your rules questions by clicking on the Rules Submission form on the bottom of each page of this website.

Keep running,
Lukas Litzsinger and Damon Stone

Thanks, guys!

The server hosting the updated Android: Netrunner FAQ and Tournament rules is now exposed. It’s your chance to download these documents and score a few agenda points!

Then, once you’ve caught up on all the latest rulings, come join us for the FFG World Championship Weekend and a weekend full of Android: Netrunner!

Based on the classic card game designed by Richard Garfield, Android: Netrunner The Card Game is a game for two players set in the dystopian future of Android. It pits monolothic megacorps against subversive netrunners in a high-stakes struggle for the control of valuable data.

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