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Live a Legend, Stave Off the Monstrous Horde
Legends of Andor Is Available Now
Legends of Andor | Published 20 December 2012

Legends of Andor is available now at your local retailer and on our webstore!

Gather your allies and save the land of Andor in this cooperative adventure board game for two to four players. In Legends of Andor, a band of heroes must work together to repel an invading horde of monsters. To secure Andor’s borders, the heroes will embark on dangerous quests in five unique scenarios (as well as a final scenario created by the players themselves).

Begin Your Adventure Today

Legends of Andor is a pick-up-and-play experience that teaches players the rules and mechanics of the game as they embark upon their grand adventure. With the Legend Track and a deck of Legend Cards, each phase of your quest introduces you to new concepts by using gameplay to teach each idea. Previously, we interviewed the creator of the game, Michael Menzel, about his process in approaching the design of Legends of Andor.

The Legend Track advances with the dawning of each new day, and we’ve taken an in-depth look at how the heroes will need to manage their priorities as they devote their time to battling monsters or seeking out powerful items. The hours in each day can be spent battling monsters, seeking out treasure, or simply traversing the vast landscape.

Players will need to collaborate to save the realm, determining best course of action for each hero. Who will work to gather the powerful runes, who will clash in combat with the monsters, and who will venture into the fog of the forest in search of the witch and her brew? Deciding how to spend each day during your quest to save Andor is vital, as the monsters move closer to the castle with each passing day.

Powerful Heroes in Legendary Battles

The heroes bring great skill and courage to the battle for Andor, and it will take their combined strength and iron will to protect King Brandur’s castle. We discussed in detail how each hero can reinforce his individual might with equipment, items, and training. Take your heroics to new heights by building up your character before trying to take down the most powerful foes that threaten the land!

Battling the invading creatures is a tall order, and the terrible monsters must be fought and stopped before they overrun the castle of King Brandur. We examined how the heroes must face these fell foes in combat, and we explored the dire consequences of the champions’ defeat in a previous article. Fight as a unified force to better your chances at success, and live out a your legend as you struggle to save the realm of Andor.

Excitement awaits in this learn-as-you-play adventure, so head to your local retailer and pick up Legends of Andor today!

Legends of Andor is a cooperative adventure board game for two to four players in which a band of heroes must work together to defend a fantasy realm from invading hordes. To secure Andor’s borders, the heroes will embark on dangerous quests over the course of unique link scenarios. But as the clever game system keeps monsters on the march toward the castle, the players must balance their priorities carefully. Uncover epic tales of glory as you live the Legends of Andor!

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