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Announcing Heavy Hitters
Raise the Stakes With New Units for Every Dust Tactics Faction
Dust Tactics | Published 05 November 2012

The SSU infantry hurriedly rounded the corner and began positioning their huge, crackling Tesla Gun. No one spoke. The undead Axis soldiers they were fleeing were not the mindless, slavering creatures they had faced down so many times before. These things were armed, and they moved with a chilling purpose and presence of mind. Grumbling German voices could be heard just around the corner and the SSU hoped their Tesla Gun would be enough to make these Axis abominations more dead than they already were...

The battle continues for the warring factions of Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare. Fantasy Flight Games is excited to announce new units for the Axis, Allies, and the SSU! Read on to learn more about the heavily armed infantry, intelligent undead, and versatile walker coming to the world of Dust.

SSU Heavy Weapons Teams

The SSU Heavy Weapons Teams are focused on bringing some seriously big guns to the Sino-Soviet infantry. The Hailstorm and the Red Lightning units each come equipped with the newest in infantry adapted destructive power. Either of the two units in the SSU Heavy Weapons Teams box will lend an incredible amount of destructive force to the battlefield.

Four brave SSU soldiers make up the SSU Heavy Mortar Team known as Hailstorm. This team looks to pelt their enemies with a 120 mm Mortar capable of loading two different types of ammo. The 120 mm Mortar is capable of a vicious Artillery strike on tanks, or loading a type of heavy round that will easily and utterly destroy any enemy infantry at mid-range. Hailstorm is more than capable of flattening foes at any range.

The Red Lightning unit leverages new Tesla Weapon technology with extremely deadly effect. The SSU has long been working to create weapons that make direct, effective use of electricity itself on the battlefield. Inspired by the research of the brilliant Nikola Tesla, the SSU began the creation of their Tesla Weapons.

Having seen the effectiveness of these weapons when mounted on tanks, the engineers and factories of the SSU have worked feverishly to adapt these incredible pieces of machinery for their infantry. Now, the SSU Tesla Gun Team known as Red Lightning can use this powerful weapon to great advantage, using it to deal damage even in defeat, as the gun may explode and harm all surrounding units in the ensuing blast.

Axis Übertoten Assault Squad

The Axis’ experiments with VK energy resulted in the creation of their abominable Wiederbelebungsserum. When injected with this concoction, the dead rise anew to fight for the Axis, but the Untertoten it creates from corpses are more monster than man. Some soldiers of the Axis have bravely elected to undergo the injection while still living, which has yielded varying results.

The Axis Übertoten Assault Squad is one of the more successful results of these experiments on the living. Nicknamed the Braineaters, these newly augmented troops have retained their sentience, and have been equipped with some powerful weaponry. The new MG 48 and Panzerfaust 100 have been entrusted to these newly dead Axis soldiers. The MG 48 can liquidate enemy infantry in an incredible barrage of bullets, and the Panzerfaust 100 is a particularly potent antitank weapon. With their augmented, undead bodies and powerful equipment, these abominations make for an incredible addition to any Axis team.

Allies Heavy Support Walker

The Allies have been hard at work to ensure that they are ready for any threat that comes at them from the Axis and the SSU. The Allies Heavy Support Walker is their latest piece of versatile VK-powered hardware. The Heavy Support Walker has three configurations, the Long Tom II, the Mobile HQ, and the Skysweeper. Each configuration supplies the Allies with a different advantage, giving the Allies the edge in any confrontation.

Leveraging long-range fire can make or break an engagement, and the Long Tom II is a potent engine of destruction from a distance. Equipped with the Long Tom M2 artillery weapon, this walker can turn the countryside to craters in no time. The efficient design of the Long Tom M2 and the huge supply of ammo on board this walker allows this main gun to be fired without the need to reload, meaning a constant rain of explosive power. The Long Tom II needs to keep its targets at a distance, however, so make sure to hold the line for this powerhouse to be effective.

With all the action on the battlefield, keeping your command units alive and coordinating your troops is vital. To this end, the Allies have converted their newly developed Heavy Support Walker into the Mobile HQ. This command vehicle’s carry capacity of six allows Allied command squad units to hop on board and use the Mobile HQ’s equipment in order to more effectively use their abilities. The Mobile HQ is more than a transport vehicle, however, and it’s equipped with three .50 cal MGs for holding off incoming infantry and any lighter walkers. With expert targeting equipment, the Mobile HQ is also capable of reacting quickly to changes on the battlefield, and is even moderately effective against aircraft! Deploy the Mobile HQ configuration of the Allies Heavy Support Walker to take command of the battlefield.

The Allies are well aware of how quickly the tide can turn when superior air power is in play. Enter the Skysweeper configuration of the Allies Heavy Support Walker. This vehicle aims to keep the airspace above the Allies free of enemies. With its Triple 60 mm AA Gun, enemies will need a miracle if they’re trying fly by the Skysweeper. Once the air is clear, this trio of guns can set its sights on tanks and infantry for an equally deadly effect. Clear the air above the Allies with the Skysweeper!

Premium Pre-Painted Figures

As always, detailed and professionally pre-painted versions of all of these units are available in our Dust Premium Edition Miniatures line. Each of these premium figures is painted according to the detailed art schemes developed by Vincent Fontaine, the art director of Dust Studio.

Whether you choose to get the ready-for-action premium editions of these miniatures or paint your own units in custom style, every faction of the world of Dust will have something potent to bring to the battlefield of Dust Tactics or Dust Warfare!

Dust Tactics is a tactical miniatures game of brutal combat for 2-4 players. Based on the popular universe created by artist Paolo Parente, Dust Tactics presents an alternate 1940s reality in which alien technology fuels gigantic machines of war, and the world's superpowers clash over rare mineral deposits that could ultimately decide the outcome of WWII.

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