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Ply the Skyways
Sky Traders, a Board Game of Aerial Commerce, is Now Available
Sky Traders | Published 27 June 2012

Behind closed doors, members of the Sky Guild meet to debate and set market prices. At the pounding of the opening gavel, sky traders hastily barter with their peers, hoping to strike a deal that makes them richer and more powerful.

Command your own skyship and become a master merchant in Sky Traders! This high-flying board game of commerce and intrigue for two to five players is now available at your local retailer and on our webstore.

Evade ruthless pirates as you collect influence with the powerful Sky Guild, and manipulate the commodity market using your powers of persuasion. Through clever trades and resourceful captaining, you can seize the title of Master of the Sky Guild!

The Sky’s the Limit

The advent of flying ships has revolutionized the trading industry. After a string of inventions made it possible for entrepreneurs to build and maintain skyships with only a modest amount of capital, it became obvious that sky traders needed a guild to oversee their endeavors. The Sky Guild controls commodity prices and raises or lowers them based on their own secret agenda. However, Wind Pirates still threaten the sky trade, and a healthy black market has developed around the Grog trade.

As captain of your own skyship, you’ll have to decide each turn how to best service your needs. Buying cargo at one port and delivering it to another city where the goods are highly desired is a great way to turn a profit. However, a captain must also consider hiring new crew, checking the ship’s phlogiston (fuel for skyships) levels, repairing damage sustained in pirate attacks, and other important tasks to keep the ship running at peak performance.

Grease a few palms and watch as the goods in your cargo hold surge in value, make a steady return by hauling sludge, or live on the edge of the law by dealing Black Market grog. The winds of trade are blowing; how will you make your fortune? Fly to your local retailer and grab your copy of Sky Traders today!

Launch your skyship into the clouds and experience adventure and intrigue in Sky Traders, a board game for two to five players. Players evade ruthless Wind Pirates, manipulate the commodities market, work with peers to create larger profits, or try to undermine their rivals. Trade your way to fortune and fame as you attempt to take control of the powerful Sky Guild!

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