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Strange Flesh
Announcing an upcoming novel set in the dystopian world of Android
Strange Flesh | Published 03 May 2012

“I hope you’re not objecting to scrutiny, Caprice,” Toshiyuki snapped, misinterpreting her expression. “Don’t get ideas. And I’m not talking about your logger diamond. I’m talking about your case records. You’ll debrief us on those, too.”

“My case records are sealed for NAPD use only, barring a warrant from--”

“That’s enough. You don’t need to bring any formal records. You have an eidetic memory. I know, I’m the one who engineered it into you. You’re going to tell us exactly what happened in this tech-theft case. Chairman Hiro has given very explicit instructions.”

“But my responsibilities as a police officer…” Caprice heard her voice almost wailing.

“You don’t have to worry about them,” Toshiyuki said. “You’re not a police officer, Caprice. You’re police equipment. You’re a prototype piece of equipment on loan. What’s the difference between us getting you in here and seeing how you’ve been put to use, and Kinghammer fetching back a new model of riot-gun to do the same? Well? None. No difference at all, Caprice. Real people have responsibilities. I have responsibilities. Equipment has uses. Stop talking like a person.” For a moment he looked like he was going to say something else, but then he leaned forward and hit something outside the display. He was angry enough that it took him three thumps until his hand actually found the key and killed the connection.

A Conspiracy Begins to Unravel

Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Strange Flesh, a novel by Matthew Farrer! Set in the strange future of the Android universe, this suspenseful novel breathes life into a world where humanity is fused with technology, and conspiracies, corruption, and danger riddle the streets of New Angeles.

While the world has changed, crime has not. A tangled web of lies and corruption surrounds the New Angeles headquarters of Jinteki, a massive mega-corporation that leads the industry in cloning technology. When corporate watchdog and media blogger Tallie Perrault stumbles upon evidence of a shocking coverup, she begins to unravel a conspiracy with world-changing implications. Now, Perrault must share her story with veteran NAPD detective and troubled psychic Caprice Nisei. But can these two women uncover the truth before it’s too late?

For more information on this neo-noir novel, visit the Strange Flesh website. Keep checking this space for more previews of this thrilling novel in the coming week. Look for Strange Flesh at your local bookstore in the third quarter of 2012!

Strange Flesh is a thrilling novel set in the gritty, neo-noir world of Android. In this suspenseful novel, Matthew Farrer breathes life into a world where humanity is fused with technology, and conspiracies, corruption, and danger riddle the streets of New Angeles.

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