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A Fickle Wind Blows
A preview of Sky Traders, the upcoming board game of aerial commerce
Sky Traders | Published 11 April 2012

Every sky captain occasionally encounters times of good fortune, when a stiff wind blows and each business opportunity is profitable. But the winds of fate can be a burden as well as a boon, and at times, it seems like disaster lurks behind every cloud; the market violently shifts and trade goods lose all value, you’re busted and outlawed for carrying illegal goods, or the Wind Pirates ruthlessly plunder valuable cargo.

As a captain of your very own sky ship, you’ll experience all of this and more! Announced last month, Sky Traders is a board game of commerce and intrigue in which two to five players evade the ruthless Wind Pirates as they compete to collect influence with the powerful Sky Guild. As you set out for adventure and profit, you’ll encounter all types of exciting challenges. Today, we’ll take a closer look at the source of many of those trials: the Ill Wind deck.

A bittersweet breeze

Before a sky captain can set sail each turn, he must submit to the capricious whims of fate, represented by the Ill Wind deck. Ill Wind cards offer its share of advantages; perhaps you’ll draw the Economic Boom card that increases the value of all trade goods, or the Treasure Map that allows you to immediately gain one legal good of your choice. You may even draw the Grog card and win the coveted grog guzzling competition!

On the other hand, the Ill Wind deck contains plenty of events to derail your quest for fortune. The Toxic Damage card causes damage to your ship’s cargo holds if you are carrying sludge, the waste byproduct of phlogiston that captains sometimes haul out of cities and dump for profit. As a Captain, you may want to think twice about taking noxious sludge aboard, since the Toxic Damage Ill Wind card is one of the more common cards in the deck.

If you’re a captain that prefers to operate on the edge of the law, you’ll dread the Sky Patrol Ill Wind card. Authorities of the sky, the Sky Patrol will attack if your ship is carrying illegal grog or if you have a wanted token from committing an act of piracy, dumping sludge in a city, or defeating the Airmarshal Ill Wind card. We’ll discuss wanted tokens and combat in a future preview.

Rob, steal, and plunder

Perhaps the biggest threat in the Ill Winds deck is the dreaded Wind Pirates. While some pirates are content to leave you be as long as you “share” some of your most valuable cargo, other pirates viciously attack any sky ship unfortunate enough to cross their path. The most unfortunate sky trader may even run across the Wind Pirate King! If you do, you’ll have the opportunity to turn tail and run, but if you defeat this legend in combat, you’ll receive a massive bounty.

The fickle Ill Winds deck adds surprises and challenges to your quest to grab the title of Master of the Sky Guild in Sky Traders. Check back for more previews of this board game of intrigue and adventure, and look for Sky Traders to dock at your local in the second quarter of 2012!

Launch your skyship into the clouds and experience adventure and intrigue in Sky Traders, a board game for two to five players. Players evade ruthless Wind Pirates, manipulate the commodities market, work with peers to create larger profits, or try to undermine their rivals. Trade your way to fortune and fame as you attempt to take control of the powerful Sky Guild!

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