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Strategies for Android: Floyd
Android | Published 12 December 2008

Each character can be broken down into 2 parts: their overall strategy and their plot specific strategy.

What makes a human? Is it the flesh that makes us? Is it the sentience that allows us to be aware? Is it the choices we make? Floyd hungers to know these answers. He is made not of flesh, yet he longs to understand it. Floyd's programming has given him the freedom to choose, and these choices are what make Floyd more human. Floyd is driven by his three directives.

1 - Unit may not kill or cause serious harm to humans. This directive forces Floyd to choose light tactics in all fights. While this can be a harsh thing to do, it also prevents Floyd from receiving any trauma.

2 - Solving the case is the unit's first priority, except where it conflicts with the first directive. This directive prevents Floyd from playing more than one light card a turn. This can hamstring a turn, yet it also allows Floyd to follow up one lead a turn for 0 time. This can be a huge advantage when solving the murder.

3 - Unit must report to Haas-Bioroid for weekly maintenance. This forces Floyd to return home for maintenance by the end of the fourth day, each week. This will keep him on a very short leash, but the upside is that Floyd gains 1 extra time per turn. Time that can be spent pursuing a lead for 0 time...

The biggest difference with Floyd, aside from his directives, is that you get to choose which crossroads you will go down at the first choice. Each plot will tie to a different directive, and choosing the path worth more victory points will force you to discard the directive associated, and its inherent advantages. Being a machine, upgrades are a possibility and you gain those through Floyd's Tech cards. These upgrades give Floyd even larger advantages over his fellow detectives. However, you may only have two of these awesome cards in play at a time. Floyd being a bioroid has difficulty being accepted. As such he has trouble getting and keeping favor. Many of the dark cards in Floyd's deck trigger off of Floyd merely starting his turn. His plots are difficult to make end happy, and he will need to devote time to get the good baggage. This shouldn't be too difficult with all of the extra time Floyd can engender.

Thou Shalt Not Kill
Floyd's first directive comes under fire in this plot line. Father Michael is abducted by a group of radicals from Human First. Floyd must go in and try to save Father Michael, but is beset with the choice of violating his first directive and killing the captors, or adhering to it and allow Father Michael, his one true friend, to die. This plot line can be worth taking the lower victory points if it is your first plot. The ability to shrug off trauma can be huge for the rest of the game. As your second plot it is more up in the air. Do you go for the bigger points and potential trauma pile, or do you play it safe and avoid the anger directed your way?

Finding Himself
Determining what makes a human human is the thread on this plot. This plot revolves around Floyd contemplating clouds, saving girls from oncoming trucks, and questioning the spark inside birds. This plot is one that needs heavy attention to the best outcome. All 3 of the remaining outcomes do possess a negative rule for Floyd.

Property of Haas
Director Haas' son is under suspicion. She will do anything to make sure her son is not found guilty. Floyd must choose between honoring his parent company and finding the killer. Giving up the 3rd directive removes Floyd's leash, but it does take away his extra time. Balance the the loss of time and Floyd can run the board.

In addition to the above, each detective comes with a sheet detailing some of the key strengths and weaknesses. Floyd's sheet is listed below.


Click on the image below for a larger version.

Now while these provide some useful tips, they are by no means the only way to play Floyd. Play through Floyd a few times and find which of his many strategies work for you.

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