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How to Beat the Mean Streets
Strategies for Android: Caprice Nisei
Android | Published 10 December 2008

Each character can be broken down into 2 parts: their overall strategy and their plot specific strategy.

It is real tough to keep a secret when the person asking questions can read your mind. Caprice knows what you are thinking, and will use it as best she can. However, she is still learning to use this awesome gift and will occasionally broadcast instead of read. Many of her light cards require showing a player cards in her hand to gain a benefit. Be careful to see how many of Caprice's dark cards are in the player you are showing your hand to. Many of her dark cards trigger off of guessing a card in her hand, and if you just showed them one, it should be pretty easy for them to guess. Also avoid seedy locations and major locations if you can. Many dark cards also play off of those. The backing of Jinteki is a financial boon, giving Caprice one of the fastest cars in the game. Use this to scoop up evidence at a faster rate than the other detectives. Light cards have a decent chance of giving you corp favor if Caprice has a warrant on Jinteki. Use this to your advantage, generate victory points using the trade in at Jinteki. Those points can be big, especially if you can link up Jinteki in the conspiracy.


Someone to Love
Caprice is attempting to blend in and have a real life. She has love in her heart, and is terrified it will go away. Daniel means a lot to her, and she will do what it takes to keep him in her life. Ending on a happy note with this plot is more important for Caprice, as if she ends on a sad ending, Daniel is eliminated. A fair number of Caprice's light cards trigger off of Daniel being alive, so do what it takes to put good baggage on this plot.

Property of Jinteki
The Liberty Society are attempting to prove that clones are humans as well. They need a precedent of the courts ruling in favor of clones in order to give credibility to their civil rights movement. This plot, if resolved well, gives them the precedent they need. The first branch of this set needs to end well. Once again, if Caprice doesn't give this a priority spot in her play style, she will lose something that allows her to play some of her better light cards. In this case, she loses her warrant on Jinteki, and is unable to place another warrant there again.

Descent Into Madness
The last plotline is one that will always come up, and always come up as your second plot. As Caprice begins to realize the full potential of her abilities, she has difficulty controlling her power. Voices threaten to overcome her mind, and she must wrestle with the power to keep her sanity. This last plot operates differently than the others. Instead of having a crossroads half way through, it resolves entirely on Caprice's final sanity. This is for all the happy endings. The happiest ending gives Caprice a life worth having, and is worth +7 victory points. The flip side sees her in a straight jacket, listening to the voices echoing the hallways in her mind.

In addition to the above, each detective comes with a sheet detailing some of the key strengths and weaknesses. Caprice's sheet is listed below.

Click the above image to enlarge

Now while these provide some useful tips, they are by no means the only way to play Caprice. Play through Caprice a few times and find which of her many strategies work for you.

Next we look at the private investigator, Raymond.

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