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A spotlight on Those Who Walked Amongst Us for Anima: Beyond Fantasy
Anima: Beyond Fantasy RPG | Published 28 October 2011

I do not care whether they are 10 or 10,000.
Whether they are men or gods.
There is no force in this world
that can stop me.

–Griever, Knight of the Seventh Heaven

Fantasy Flight Games recently had the privilege to share the announcement of the new video game by Anima Game Studio, Anima: Ark of Sinners. Based on the Anima: Beyond Fantasy roleplaying game, Ark of Sinners allows players to control Celia and her dynamic combat techniques as she explores the mysterious city of Ark and the secrets of her past.

Meanwhile, as Ark of Sinners takes the dark fantasy of Anima to the Nintendo Wii, we want to take this opportunity to remind you of the epic opportunities available to you in Those Who Walked Amongst Us. More than a bestiary, Those Who Walked Amongst Us introduces rules that propel your campaign to fantastic new heights of drama, taking it beyond the ordinary, beyond the standards of old… and beyond fantasy!

New playable races

Those Who Walked Amongst Us provides rules for three new playable races, the Devah, the Vetala, and the Tuan Dalyr.

Among the most important races of antiquity, the Devah appear to be of the same blood as the Jayan, but no one knows for certain whether the two races were ever one or if they merely had many traits in common. Their essence is linked more strongly to spirits and the supernatural world than other races.

On the other hand, the Vetala are likely the source of many of the myths of vampires walking the surface of Gaïa. Their skin is pale and crossed by veins, and their silver eyes are always bloodshot. Still, many individuals from this long-lived and isolated race can almost pass for human.

The short history of the Tuan Dalyr dates back less than 900 years to the time when the inhabitants of Alberia fought against the beast spirits and many of the men and women in the Land of Eternal Rain joined the lords of the forest body and soul to help stop the humans. They appear physically no different than humans, but they retain the inherited abilities of the predecessor animal spirits from which they were born.

Blend epic combat with dynamic storytelling

Game Masters find new optional rules that elegantly handle the climactic duels between high-powered combatants and mass combats in which a single hero, or a small band of heroes, can confront ten or ten-thousand opponents… all without bogging down the game in actions that distract from the awesome nature of such battles.

Furthermore, Those Who Walked Amongst Us provides Game Masters with campaign seeds that can launch a single session or start down the path toward a rich and fulfilling campaign.

Those Who Walked Amongst Us also allows you to develop new all new powers, limited only by your imagination. Rules balance the cost and effect of powers belonging to a number of archetypes, and players and Game Masters can use these tools to devise all new combat techniques, spells, fighting styles, inherent abilities, and fantastic new creatures.

The myth of Gaïa brought to life

Still, with the tremendous variety of new dragons, elementals, golems, demons, and other creatures brought to life within Those Who Walked Amongst Us, Game Masters may not feel the need to create new powers.

Combining luxurious artwork and richly-detailed background information with each creature’s combat statistics, Those Who Walked Amongst Us lets you populate your campaign with many of Gaïa’s most interesting and powerful denizens, including the destructive and mysterious Sovereign of the Beasts, Behemoth.

You can download and preview Behemoth (PDF, 2.6MB) here or on the Anima: Beyond Fantasy support page.

With Those Who Walked Amongst Us, anything is possible. Within its pages you will find the stories and statistics for nearly a hundred beings that tread between gods and men, between the Maidens of Light and the Lords of Darkness. From High Elder Elementals, C’iel and Gaira dragons, this fantastic supplement is filled with Oni, Demons, and Omega, the ultimate being, prophesied to bring about the end of time.

Those Who Walked Amongst Us is available at your local retailer and online on our webstore.

Set in the fantasy world of Gaïa, Anima: Beyond Fantasy is a critically acclaimed roleplaying game that features a dynamic and flexible system for high adventure and immersive storytelling.

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Comments (2)

Published: 10/30/2011 10:20:53 PM

Its truly a beautiful book. Alot of interresting creatures and ideas of how to include them in a story. They are made so that players could even use them as character. I love it :) just a little weird that it took THIS long between the french 1 and this

Published: 10/29/2011 3:34:42 AM

This book is absolutely magnificient.

So any chance we can get a PDF of this book and Dominus Exxet soon? :)

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