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The Machine's Creator 2
Part two of an interview with Mel Odom, author of the upcoming Golem
The Identity Trilogy | Published 26 August 2011

The dystopian future of Android will come to life when Golem is released in the fourth quarter of 2011! The first novel in The Identity Trilogy tells the story of bioroid detective who, along with his human partner, is assigned a high-profile murder investigation – one that could change his world forever.

Today, author Mel Odom discusses his past writing experiences in the second installment of our two-part interview (you can also read the first part in our article entitled Detective, Machine, and More).

Man and Machine

What Golem character stands out the most for you?

Hands down, Drake is my favorite character. He’s an innocent in so many ways, and I plan to break him and rebreak him throughout these books. But he’s a hero as well, and he’s going to learn from everything that happens to him. Literally. He’s chasing some really big secrets, and he’s going to have to learn fast just stay alive.

What is your favorite aspect of Golem?

The world is a fun place to play. There are enough toys already in place to whet my creative juices, and knowing that I get to create even more aspects of the world is just the bomb. The world fills almost a retro in a way, allowing me to step back into the science fiction worlds that I grew up reading about, including Blade Runner, which painfully counts as part of the past these days. The science fiction we’re writing about in Android is something this generation may never get to see. And there are flying cars! I always wanted to drive a flying car.

How do you feel your experience writing cyberpunk novels like Stalker Analog and Lethal Interface affected your writing for Golem?

The worlds I created in Lethal Interface and Stalker Analog are much different than this world. In the early 1990s when I wrote those books, we had just emerged from a huge recession that had placed the Japanese economy way up in the food chain. Also, there were some heavy influences from William Gibson’s Neuromancer and Burning Chrome (featuring “Johnny Mnemonic”). This world, I think, is a little bit more bright and has a little more promise overall.

Do you remember what the first piece you ever wrote was, and what was it? Did you show it to anyone?

Fortunately for the world, none of my early writing exists. I did a lot of Edgar Rice Burroughs pastiches, new Doc Savage novels, and spy books when I was learning to write. All of that became grist for the mill. Back in those days, I had a 10th grade teacher in high school who took an interest in my writing. I had four younger brothers. Writing was the only thing I could do by myself, and only then because no one else was interested. Also, pencils and paper were fairly cheap. I only got to go to the library every two weeks, and could only check out five books then. In two days’ time I had read the books. I had no choice but to start writing so I could enjoy new adventures. Sometimes I wrote sequels to the books that I read, only to find out that sequels already existed and things hadn’t gone as I had predicted.

How would you say your writing style has changed throughout the years?

Over the years, I hope I’ve gotten better. My writing, I think, has become leaner. I’ve learned to trust the reader more with setting details, which was hard to do for me. I’ve also learned how to convey more about a character through his or her dialogue and action instead of just simply trying to explain them to the reader.

Thanks, Mel. Look for more on Golem in the coming weeks!

Mel Odom’s The Identity Trilogy is a series of novels set in the Android universe, and it tells a story of murder, manipulation, and mystery in a world where humanity and technology collide.

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Comments (2)

Published: 8/30/2011 11:20:44 AM

 Fun fact: Mel Odom wrote a novel called FREE Fall in the '90s (for a game, no less). Glad FFG didn't get him to write the other Android novel. 

Published: 8/29/2011 10:38:53 PM

Big fan of the Android setting.  Waiting for my copy of the other book to come in, can't wait for this one either.

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