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The Return of Haarlock 15
Announcing the upcoming Haarlock's Legacy Trilogy
Dark Heresy | Published 18 August 2011

“No matter how established, how stable or how pious, every fragmented part of our Imperium is separated from terror and anarchy by naught but a shadow’s width. And where one world falls, another may follow over the edge of the abyss as a drowning man might take another down with him in his desperate grasp.”
–attributed to Sebastian Thor

Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce the upcoming release of The Haarlock’s Legacy Trilogy! The definitive series of epic Dark Heresy adventures found in The Haarlock’s Legacy series are together at last in one package. The new packaging of Tattered Fates, Damned Cities, and Dead Stars is ideal for any GM looking to run a campaign with ease and enjoyability.

The Haarlock’s Legacy Trilogy offers a satisfying experience for new and veteran Dark Heresy players alike. Travel throughout the Calixis Sector uncovering dark secrets and investigating a suspicious pattern of events. This thrilling adventure will transport you into the midst of bloodbaths, power-plays, and sanity-shredding secrets, leading up to a shattering climax that will decide the future of hundreds of worlds.

Dark decadence

Tattered Fates, the first segment of The Haarlock’s Legacy Trilogy, puts the fate of the pleasure planet Quaddis into your and your fellow Acolytes’ hands. Begin your adventure in media res...immediately overcoming danger, and continuing on to fight for your survival within the Undercity of the Red Cages, the Great City of Xicarph, and during the Festival of Tattered Fate.

Can you uncover the mystery behind the infamous Haarlock dynasty, escape enemies such as the savage Spindle-maw and the terrifying Widower, and ++Deleted by the Inquisition++ all before the Steel Clock strikes the 13th Hour?

Decay and despair

Sinophia Magna is a city of blood and lies. The poor downtrodden masses of the common folk are puppets for the malevolently vain and jaded nobles who rule from tattered bowers, and the murderous street scum that rule the streets below.

Here you and your fellow Acolytes will become embroiled in the grand puzzle that is the dark legacy of Erasmus Haarlock, infamous Rogue Trader. Savage murders have stained the mouldering streets of Sinophia Magna...could these brutal incidents point to the return of Haarlock?

Damned Cities is the second adventure in The Haarlock’s Legacy Trilogy. You must navigate the dangerous depths of the rancid city, uncover a conspiracy, and keep the overwhelming bitterness of its inhabitants from tearing the city apart before it is too late. In Sinophia Magna nothing is as it seems; will you be willing to risk everything for the truth?

Dwelling on Dusk

++Incoming transmission from the Inquisition++

The infamous Rogue Trader Erasmus Haarlock is set to return, and he wants...revenge.

Dead Stars concludes The Haarlock’s Legacy Trilogy with a terrifying adventure; you and your fellow Acolytes will travel to the forbidden ice world of Mara and the haunted planet of Dusk, where you must defeat harrowing threats and face unspeakable consequences should you fail.

Old enemies and allies will join the struggle on both sides, and the dread secrets of Erasmus Haarlock will finally be revealed. Can you make a dire decision that will affect the future of millions of Imperial citizens? You must stand in the way of Haarlock’s return, or allow the consequences of his vengeance.

The fate of the Calixis Sector depends upon you.

Prepare yourself for awesome power and a fraught investigation, mixed with the cold caress of death. Look for the multi-layered adventure of The Haarlock’s Legacy Trilogy on store shelves in the fourth quarter of 2011!

Dark Heresy is a roleplaying game set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, a setting in the grim darkness of the far future. Players take on the roles of Acolytes serving the Inquisition, rooting out heresy and corruption from within the galaxy-spanning Imperium of Man.

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Comments (15)

Published: 8/22/2011 7:22:52 PM

I have all three of the Haarlock books but wouldn't mind if I could pick up the slipcase.

Nova Nagilum
Published: 8/19/2011 2:34:57 PM

Yeah, I'm sorry but I don't fully understand what this is. Is it all the original books in a new slipcase? Is it all the books in one huge hardcover volume? Have they been edited or re-vamped? Is FFG discontinuing selling the trilogy as individual titles?

I hate to critique the article here, or the plan behind this product, but yeah I don't really understand it.

Published: 8/19/2011 12:01:43 PM

Fair enough.

If the books have been edited with errata, fixes and anything else they they've taken as feedback, then ok, what you're saying has merit. If they are just reprints in a fancy slip-case, then it'll only be useful for those who don't have them yet (and those who like slip-cases I 'spose!).

I never got these books for two reasons:

1. I'm more of a 'write my own adventure' style GM.
2. I didn't much care for the story.

Now I've skimmed through these three books in PDF format, as a friend of mine only buys things in PDF's so I can take a look at them before I get the book, and they're good enough for me to want them in hardback. If they're edited to be better, then that's great. If not, I'm sure I can muddle my way through.

Published: 8/19/2011 8:35:43 AM

I think you both misunderstand me. This book is not targted at those who didnt buy the original trilogy. There would be other ways FFG could do that and still make money. This book is targeted to re-present the Trilogy in a new format and I guarantee they will add more stuff to it and expand it or "edit" it up some and try to present it as a must have for all fans of all things Haarlock.

It also comes out of nowhere and is relatively a easy product to make, one designed, In my NOT SO HUMBLE opinion to ease distractions of once again being behind schedule on their releases.

I understand some of you didnt buy the originals when they came out, but I have major doubts that getting all three in one volume for $50 will change you mind, when you can get them cheaper as PDFs or now used on ebay and other sites.

And I would not really classify what I said as "righteous indignation" but a series of must know answers that were not in the announcement. Like why buy this over the originals? I may very well be interested in this if it has additionals added to it. While I do despise the entire Dead Stars volume of this series, Tattered Fates wasnt so bad and Damned Cities was quite excellent. If this "release" connects the three better, adds bridges, suggested side adventures and expanded options then it may well be worth it.


Published: 8/19/2011 7:12:49 AM

Some people just like to stir a storm so that people see they are still around


And something else: '++Deleted by the Inquisition++ ' nice touch, same trick I use on my Pcs when I give them information on future games but don't want to give too much away

Published: 8/19/2011 6:39:11 AM

Don't get snippy Peacekeeper.

You were the first to amp up the righteous indignation over these books, when, truthfully, it shouldn't affect you in the slightest. You already own them, so what do you care if other people who don't own them already buy them now?

Published: 8/19/2011 4:42:19 AM

Really HBMC? I am so glad you cleared that up.

The Laughing God
Published: 8/19/2011 2:10:38 AM

OMG the spoilers !!1!

Published: 8/19/2011 1:53:48 AM

This isn't for people who already own the books. It's for people who want to get all three because they never bought them in the first place (like me).


Published: 8/19/2011 12:26:40 AM

 Aaarrrrrrrrgh!! I just broke down and bought the 3 original books over the last 2 months. It makes sense that tney are republishing the trilogy though, I actually remember thinking thry might put the three together, just like the omnibuses, they do it all the time with different book serieses. Hopefully its edited and cleaned up, I would like to see more books like Purge the Unclean.

Published: 8/18/2011 9:50:34 PM

 Is Haarlock a refernece to Captain Harlock? (Galaxy Express 999)

Published: 8/18/2011 6:49:58 PM

I don't understand the griping.  You must never have invested in a trilogy of new fiction books because you wanted to enjoy reading them now instead of waiting to see if Hollywood would turn them into movies for your quick-consumption pleasure.

Clearly you commentors are wanting published adventures - so what if they are going to release a completed trilogy two years after the last volume is published.  Don't you want adventures now to run for your group?  Buy the singles as they come out - sell them when you're done to recoup some of the cost - buy the new one if it's updated and corrected.

If the major gripe is shoddy production value of the originals - like Peacekeeper's comments suggest - focus on that and demand better editing from Fantasy Flight. That's clearly the company's primary shortcoming in recent years.

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