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Wrath from the Sea 6
Kings of the Sea for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game is now on sale
A Game of Thrones LCG | Published 04 May 2011

The sea meant freedom to the men of the Iron Islands. He had forgotten that until the Myraham had raised sail at Seagard. The sounds brought old feelings back; the creak of wood and rope, the captain's shouted commands, the snap of the sails as the wind filled them, each as familiar as the beating of his own heart, and as comforting. [...] I must never go far from the sea again.
-A Clash of Kings, George R. R. Martin

The revised edition of Kings of the Sea for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game is now on sale at your local retailer and our webstore! This expansion, marked on the front of the box with “Revised Edition,” now features three copies each of the 60 unique cards included in the original printing.

With this version of Kings of the Sea, you are purchasing a complete play set that will enable you to begin building exciting and competitive House Greyjoy decks immediately.

To fear the Great Kraken

The aptly named Kings of the Sea features House Greyjoy, the brutal warriors of the Iron Fleet, and brings to your deck-building a wealth of new tactics, strategies, and strengths. Take advantage of House Greyjoy’s Intimidate, their specific keyword that can result in unopposed challenges, or their unique Location control capabilities.

Bring the power of salt and iron against the green-blooded Houses of Westeros with cards such as Assault of the Kraken and Support of Harlaw. Use Assault of the Kraken in combination with the effects of Intimidate to reap the rewards of two unopposed challenges against your opponent or force your opponent to block your second challenge, leaving him with a knelt character for his challenges phase.

Support of Harlaw is another card that benefits from House Greyjoy’s Intimidate keyword. In addition to your attached character gaining stealth, he can also stand after your unopposed challenge, ready to be used against your opponent’s challenges phase. You can also use Support of Harlaw in combination with Assault of the Kraken to attack twice with the card to which Support of Harlaw is attached.

Something for everyone

Also included within Kings of the Sea are King or Queen cards for Westeros’ other Houses, neutral plot cards, and useful neutral cards for a vast array of deck options.

The alternate multiplayer variant, “The Kingsmoot,” gives players an exciting chance to compete for six distinctive Iron Islands titles in an attempt to hold all six of them simultaneously.

How will you harness the destructive power of the Iron Fleet? Board your ship and sail to your local retailer to pick up a copy of Kings of the Sea today!

Based on George R.R. Martin's bestselling fantasy epic A Song of Ice and Fire, A Game of Thrones: The Card Game, playable by 2-4 players, brings the beloved heroes, villains, locations, and events of the world of Westeros to life through innovative game mechanics and the highly strategic game play. The Living Card Game format allows players to customize their gaming experience with monthly Chapter Pack expansions to the core game.

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Comments (6)

Published: 5/6/2011 10:59:47 AM

@Winged_Human, no it does not have the Resin House Card in it, but I suspect they will probably release it like they have with the Baratheon and Martell cards.

Published: 5/5/2011 7:24:40 PM

@Winged_Human: I believe it was announced that the re-release will not have the resin House card. There should still be some leftover original prints somewhere to purchase however.

Published: 5/5/2011 3:13:51 PM

Any info on whether the resin house card is in this set too?  I didn't get a chance to get a GJ resin house card and have been waiting for the re-release in hopes of acquiring one.

Published: 5/5/2011 8:35:50 AM

Yes! Must have this one, been waiting for some time now to get a good GJ deck together

Published: 5/4/2011 6:23:59 PM

When you have some GJ raiders rowing those boats, "On the Boat" meain "in your hands"! 

I for one am glad that we have a couple of big releases back-to-back.


Published: 5/4/2011 5:38:12 PM

FINALLY!! And I already have it in my hands! I gotta say, I have been watching this one closely and when it went straight from "On the Boat" to "In Stores" I was a bit annoyed. However, it was a nice surprise since I was not expecting it for another 2 weeks at least.

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