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Hail to the Queen
Presenting a new deluxe expansion for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game
Living Card Games | Published 17 February 2011


"We are blood of your blood," said Aggo, "sworn to live and die as you do."
- A Song of Ice and Fire, Volume II: A Clash of Kings

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to present the latest deluxe expansion for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game, Queen of Dragons, coming this spring! In Queen of Dragons, House Targaryen will gather its armies and deepen its native strengths, as well as introduce some new intrigues.

Queen of Dragons includes 165 cards - three copies each of 55 unique cards - featuring not only solid, new cards for House Targaryen but also neutral cards and agendas that will add variety and challenge into decks of any House.

Standing on the Field of Fire

For more insight into this expansion, we present these notes from Queen of Dragon's developer, Damon Stone.

"In the books, House Targaryen is Daenerys Stormborn, the Unburnt, Mother of Dragons. Her story of hatching the dragons, winning the loyalty of armies through guile, and seizing cities by strategic brilliance (all in her pursuit of reclaiming the Iron Throne in the name of her House) are epic.

I knew that I really wanted to concentrate on these themes, but deciding which to tackle first was easy: The Dragons. I wanted to give the players the tools to create a powerful Dragon-themed deck. That meant three new dragons each capable of finding a home as a support card in a regular Targaryen deck, but which could work together to create an overwhelming force, leaving death and destruction in their wake. The story of Aegon and the Field of Fire had always stuck with me. The ideas of these giant dragons being used to expand Aegon's realm was interesting but when all three descended on the same battlefield, they killed or routed an army of 55,000 men.

As you can see, each Dragon's effect could slot into a number of Targaryen decks... but the strength of the Dragons is in their working in concert. As each dragon joins in on the attack it creates a bigger impact on the board. I really wanted the reaction of seeing all three Dragons on the board to be one of dread. It was important for me to try and capture this in a way that made them instantly attractive to players without them creating an automatic loss for the player facing them. Ambush was an early design choice, representing to me the dragons swooping in from the heavens, and Stealth backed this up. As the mother of dragons Daenerys was the perfect centerpiece of the dragon deck, making them even more fearsome in battle.

Masters of Spear and Shield and Shortsword

Throughout the course of the novels Daenerys seeks to raise the necessary armies to conquer Westeros. This was one of themes I really enjoyed exploring. It was an opportunity to bring out the Unsullied and mercenary themes present in the novels without leaving behind the Dothrakis which are one of their established sub-themes. The armies and army support cards (including neutral cards) present here give the Targaryen player a broad range of effects: Stealth, Deadly, Burn, War Crest, and standing. Diverse enough in scope to cover most bases, but tied together through the Army trait allowing for some very nice synergy.

While the set itself is geared towards those lovers of the House of Dragons, it contains many important cards useable by any House in their goal of ruling all of Westeros, such as River Row, Dissension, and Kingsroad Fiefdom. Two of the more intriguing cards: the Heir to the Iron Throne Agenda, which, with careful deck-building, can be the lynchpin for rush or control decks; Threat from the East, a versatile new plot that can be a boon to you or a weapon against your opponents, really put the choice in the players' hands game by game in how these cards will be used."

•  •  •

Thanks Damon!

Watch this space as we preview more cards and strategy for Queen of Dragons. This Spring, the banner of the three-headed dragon will rise above the thundering mass of House Targaryen's armies. Be prepared for the return of the true queen!

For more information on Queen of Dragons, visit our new Queen of Dragons website.

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