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The FAQ for DungeonQuest is now online
DungeonQuest | Published 05 November 2010

Long ago, during the great Dragon Wars, the mighty Dragonlord Kalladra devised the most cunning and insidious trap ever constructed. His desire to dominate Terrinoth became an obsession, but every attempt he made to conquer the realms was met with heroic resistance. So he withdrew himself underground and concocted a labyrinth of wretched design. Rather than engage the nations of Terrinoth in open warfare as his brethren did, Kalladra believed there was no greater danger to the rulers and heroes of the land than their own greed. And so he built Dragonfire Dungeon...

The FAQ for DungeonQuest, (pdf, 300 KB), the new edition of a classic game of dungeon exploration, is now available on our support page!

In DungeonQuest, players must guide their heroes through the twisting halls of Dragonfire Dungeon in pursuit of unimaginable riches hoarded by the Dragonlord Kalladra. Whoever can amass the most wealth and make it out of the dungeon before the closing of the doors seals their doom will emerge victorious. However, merely surviving the harrowing dungeon is a feat all its own...

Only the bravest of heroes dare to enter Dragonfire Dungeon, and of those heroes only a few have returned. Yet those who have returned are remembered forever, for they have faced the dragon’s challenge and emerged victorious; and mere survival is counted a victory when facing the dangers of Dragonfire Dungeon.

Download the FAQ today. It may marginally increase your chances of survival!

DungeonQuest is a classic board game of dungeon exploration. 1-4 players take on the roles of heroes on a quest to gather the most loot from Dragonfire Dungeon before the doors close and seal their fates. Dare you face the dragon’s challenge?

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Comments (2)

Published: 11/6/2010 6:28:53 AM

I got to demo this game at the Fantasy Flight Games Event Center, and it was fantastic!  Think of Betrayal at House on the hill with a dungeon setting, and everyone is out for themselves!  Besides the quality of games that Fantasy Flight makes, it is also recognized as being a quality game brought back to life! 

FFG not only goes and re-creates a masterpiece, but they also add their own special flair.  This game's 6 characters also include cards that lets you play them in Descent, Runebound and RuneWars!  This policy of crossover to other games just kicks it up a notch for me!  You have a great game, plus cool new figures to add to your other games!

Finally, the gameplay is fantastic.  The exploration is classic dungeon delve.  Also the choice is up to you . . .do you dare to push the envelope further by going deeper into the lair for more money, or do you start turning back?  It doesn't matter HOW much gold you collect if you don't make it out alive!!!

Published: 11/5/2010 1:57:18 PM

Finally! I've been waiting for this since publication.

First post!

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