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The Silence is Deafening 5
The latest Chapter Pack for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game is on sale
A Game of Thrones LCG | Published 05 November 2010

We are ironborn, the sons of the sea, chosen of the Drowned God.
- A Song of Ice and Fire, Volume IV: A Feast for Crows

A Song of Silence, the next exciting Chapter Pack in the Brotherhood Without Banners cycle for A Game of Thrones: the Card Game, is now on sale at your local retailer and our webstore!

Balon Greyjoy, the self-proclaimed King of Salt and Rock, and his Ironborn lords, have seized on the death of King Robert Baratheon as an opportunity to renounce their oaths to the Iron Throne and take the "green lands" by storm. Now, raiders in their deadly longships have set sail to choke Westeros in the arms of the Kraken.

A Song of Silence features the mysterious and power-mad Euron Crow's-Eye, as well as a wealth of synergy for cards with the Raider trait through cards like Longship Silence and Euron's Mongrel.

As with every Chapter Pack in The Brotherhood Without Banners cycle, A Song of Silence includes never-before-seen cards for every faction and also continues the ongoing theme of this cycle by deepening the Brotherhood trait with cards like Hollow Hill and The Mad Huntsman. A Song of Silence will augment existing decks and add variety to the A Game of Thrones metagame.

A note to competitive players: Cards from A Song of Silence will be legal during next week's Days of Ice and Fire tournaments. We hope to see you there!

For more on this exciting Chapter Pack, see our "card of the week" spotlights: Another Day, Another Raid, Beneath Hollow Hill, and Hide the Knives. Then, head to your local retailer and pick up your copy! Not even storm-tossed seas can hold back the raiders' fury when they choose to play the Game of Thrones...

Based on George R.R. Martin's bestselling fantasy epic A Song of Ice and Fire, A Game of Thrones: The Card Game, playable by 2-4 players, brings the beloved heroes, villains, locations, and events of the world of Westeros to life through innovative game mechanics and the highly strategic game play. The Living Card Game format allows players to customize their gaming experience with monthly Chapter Pack expansions to the core game.

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Comments (5)

Published: 2/9/2011 5:59:57 AM

FFG, why is "A Song of Silence" not available in the UK yet?

I recieved the 5th chapter pack "Of Snakes and Sand" just before the new year, but I still have not received the 4th chapter pack. What is going on?

There are no UK websites that have it in stock! 

Published: 11/10/2010 4:28:17 PM

i prefer "longship" anyday... i'm dissappointed in this raider theme :( my opinion...

Published: 11/5/2010 12:58:45 PM

 I'm making the plugin for OCTGN2 and I love grey cards... I have faith in the future!!! :-)

Published: 11/5/2010 12:53:42 PM

Unfortunately, I don't think it will rise with this one.  The Raiders seem underwhelming so far.  Attack only is lame too :(

Published: 11/5/2010 12:29:52 PM

 The card we need... stealth + draw... amazing!!! Let the Kraken rise again ;-)

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