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Unleash the Hordes 14
A glimpse into the Creature Vault for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay | Published 03 November 2010

The Old World is brimming with all forms of vile creatures, from twisted beastmen lurking in the dark forests to dragons perched atop mountains high. Wherever the call of adventure may lead fate’s champions, danger surely awaits...

As we announced previously in our Sifting Through Shadows preview, there are several new products on the way that break up the Core Set materials into individual titles, giving fans new options in how they enjoy WFRP. These products come in the form of Guides and Vaults. Guides are hard-cover books that contain rules of play and compiled information from the components found in the Vaults. For players wishing to enhance their game, Vaults contain all the additional components that make WFRP such a revolutionary roleplaying system. Now players and GMs can customise their game experiences to fit the need of their play group, choosing which product will best complement their existing materials. For a full overview of these guides and vaults, visit our description page.

The Creature Vault is unique in that it contains more never-before-seen material than the other Vaults. Complementing The Creature Guide, this vault introduces dozens of new denizens from the Old World and brings them to your tabletop in a brand new format.

We explored this new format briefly in our preview of The Creature Guide, where this information appears in an attractive hardcover book. Today we’ll look at the components found in the Creature Vault.

One of these components is the new Group sheets (much like the Nemesis Organisation sheets found in the Game Master’s Toolkit). These sheets provide all the rules and mechanics governing a certain type of creature (such as “Greenskins” or “Beastmen”). These Group sheets govern a variety of creatures within that category, making them handy visual references when running encounters. When used with Creature cards, these Group sheets make building and organising encounters easier than ever.

What are Creature cards you ask?

Creature cards are another useful new addition to Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, moving creature information and stats from books to components. These cards feature full colour art on one side depicting the creature in question, and relevant stats and abilities on the other. Using these components, GMs will be able to easily layout their encounters in a visual manner.

Building encounters with these components is an easy process: choose a Group sheet, determine which types of creatures within that group will be make up the encounter, lay out the Creature cards with any necessary action cards, and prepare for battle!

As stated in The Creature Guide preview, these products cover all the creatures from the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Core Set and subsequent expansions (up through Signs of Faith). In addition, it also features dozens of new adversaries for GMs to pit against their players. These products are both excellent resources to further explore the dangers of the Old World.

Stay tuned for more upcoming news on the future of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay!

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay is a roleplaying game that sets unlikely heroes on the road to perilous adventure, in the grim setting of Games Workshop's Warhammer Fantasy world. Players will venture into the dark corners of the Empire, guided by luck and Fate, and challenge the threats that others cannot or will not face.

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Comments (14)

Published: 2/22/2011 3:31:34 AM

 I have the same question as Frycook.  Is there any material present in the Vaults that are not present in the hard covers?

Published: 11/7/2010 5:01:27 AM

@ Pedro Lunaris - I would not believe what amazon says. Thay also said that Sigs of Faith will be in december and I pick up my a week ago in my FLGS. So maybe I'm a optimist, but if my stores says it going to be in november thet I belive them - as good as know they never let me down and the date they have are always correct. :)

And going back to the topic this box will be a must have.

@ Destin - no there will be no other way to get the new content. You have to buy the Vault to have it. And If You have readed carefuly enought - all from this box is new you could say. So if you want the cards You have to buy the Vault, if You don't want those just buy only the Guide. Thas really simple. :)

Published: 11/5/2010 2:06:04 AM

This looks very promising. Group sheets not only for nemesis organisations! The battles will get more interesting. I'm looking forward to see the vaults published.

Hopefully soon :)

Published: 11/4/2010 9:11:24 PM

 The thing I'd like to have answered most is whether or not you can just get the Creature Vault and avoid the Hard Cover all together. If all the rules are on the cards, is there anything you'd be missing out on? That's the way the core game works right now anyway.

Pedro Lunaris
Published: 11/4/2010 11:00:44 AM



If I didn't take an ironical exposition as a serious one, I think you are being quite the optimist. :] At Amazon, the release date for The Player's Guide is January 11th. The other Guides and Vaults don't even have a release date yet.

Published: 11/4/2010 4:33:19 AM

I have the core set and every adventure so far released.  Is there going to be a way of getting any of the 'new' components shipping in these vaults without paying extra for the copies/reprints/spares/duplicate stuff that I already have?

This creature guide seems the most geared towards 'current' players but I still don't think I need all of it.

Published: 11/4/2010 2:44:34 AM

Excellent! I can not wait when I will have it in my hands - and that's a good sign. :)

I hope it will hit the store very soon, specialy in Europe! Maybe if everything goes right as planed we will see it in two weeks from now. Now, thet would be amazing. I ordered it a couple weeks age when my FLGS made the pre-order, so I'm now only waiting to recieve it.  FFG, please release it in mid-november!

Ludlov Thadwin of Sevenpiecks
Published: 11/4/2010 2:27:01 AM

With this and the wonderful information in Liber Mutatis etc. I'm finally starting to feel ready to run my own adventures instead of the official ones, which is a great creative exercise!

Published: 11/3/2010 9:02:05 PM

 Creature cards = win! (snarky about time comment here). Great idea, guys!! 

Now, how to adjust the layout so the 'monster approved' Action card names can be added there as well...

Published: 11/3/2010 2:41:27 PM

We wants it now. Writing extra stuff so that the forum software will publish my comment...

Published: 11/3/2010 1:10:56 PM

Im looking to play! Anyone in SoCal?

Published: 11/3/2010 1:00:20 PM

yep, me too

interested to see the reverse side of the creature actions, so that they now have a green and red side, and how they might differ from the standard action in the ToA

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