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2010 Rogue Trader Adventure Contest Finalists 2
Three new Rogue Trader Adventures for your Campaign!
Rogue Trader | Published 01 November 2010

Greetings, Rogue Trader Fans!

This week, I am pleased to present to you the three finalists for the 2010 Rogue Trader Adventure Competition! There were a lot of great entries to choose from, and it was not easy to select the finalists from the great entries that were sent in! I’m quite thrilled to see all the creativity and enthusiasm for the Rogue Trader game line (and creating some new and interesting locations) from the fans. Keep up the great work, guys! In addition, I want to take a moment to thank the judges for helping to make this contest a success.

*Drum roll, please!*

Finalist #1: A Throne Forged of Iron by Christopher Brailas


A Throne Forged of Iron is an adventure full of surprises and interesting twists that lead up to a climactic confrontation. The judges enjoyed Christopher’s interesting non-player characters and gazeteer for the world of Tennenburg, plus the exciting showdown at the climax!

Christopher’s scenario overview is as follows:

From just inside the expanse on one of its few civilized worlds the Lord Theot, William Heltz Tennenberg has sent summons to the players in search of allies in his bid for power.

Download A Throne Forged of Iron (pdf, 13.1 MB)

Finalist #2: Fall From Grace by Otto Sinisalo


Fall From Grace is a deep and complex adventure that combines some great NPCs with unusual encounters. The Judges were impressed by the story and the links into the Rogue Trader setting.

Otto’s adventure synopsis is as follows:

In the Foundling Worlds lies Grace, a planet once colonized by Rogue Trade Aspyce Chorda. In its prime, Grace was a haven for Imperial renegades and villains, but none escape the Emperor's wrath forever. As violent warp storms destroyed the warp routes to the colony, it soon fell to the predators of the Warp, a roving Xenos menace and most of all to its inhabitants own dark impulses.

As the warp storms recede for the first time in decades, Grace is once more open for the taking. Fall From Grace takes the Explorers and their ship to claim a long forgotten world filled with treasure and danger. The Explorers must race their rivals to loot the prizes left there by a generation of the Imperium's decadent outcasts – a reward that might cost them their lives, their ships or their immortal souls.

Download Fall from Grace (pdf, 1.4 MB)

Finalist #3: The Glass Key by James R. Burrows


The Glass Key contains some exciting encounters, unique NPCs, and a fascinating ending. The overall flavour and feel of the adventure impressed the Judges.

James’ adventure has a number of twists that I don’t want to give away, so here is just a hint at what lies inside:

Now little more than a legend among the voidfarers of the Kronus Expanse, the Niveus Astrum was one one of a handful of Olympic class liners, some of the largest Imperial vessels ever constructed in the apocryphal Harlan & Wolfe Shipyards. Perhaps such a grand endeavor was marred by hubris from the start, for an ill fate claimed all of these great ships soon after they were launched.

In 359.M39, the Niveus Astrum, captained by the Free Trader Heu Beowulf, set out for what is now the Calixis Sector to aid in the Angevin Crusades. Besides bringing troops and supplies, it is said that Beowulf also bore with him a precious gift intended for General Angevin himself, locked safely away in the ship’s most secure vault.
However, Beowulf and the Niveus Astrum never arrived…

Download The Glass Key (pdf, 7.8 MB)

Congratulations to all three of our finalists! Stay tuned to find out which of these three adventures will be crowned the winner of the 2010 Rogue Trader Adventure Contest. I will announce the winner on November 2, so keep a close eye on the Fantasy Flight Games website. The winner will recieve a signed copy of the new sourcebook for Rogue Trader, chock-full of new locations and material for your campaign: Edge of the Abyss!

Be sure to stop by the Support section of the Rogue Trader site to download these scenarios if you haven't already. Next, stop by the Scenario contest thread over at the Rogue Trader forums and share your thoughts on this year's entries with other fans.

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Published: 11/2/2010 10:21:27 AM

Well, "orc" is a trademark of JRR Tolkien's people!  That's why GW had to change it to "ork!"

Published: 11/2/2010 3:03:11 AM

The adventures are nice ! I hope I can start my own campaign soon.



Hovewer it's a bad joke that "ork" or "inquisitor" is a trademark of GW. :)

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