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Download a new scenario for Battles of Westeros
Battles of Westeros | Published 13 August 2010

Old animosity simmers between House Lannister and House Stark. Their disdain for one another is no secret among the noble Houses, and neither is the commanding presence of either House’s Lord on the battlefield. Lord Eddard Stark was a decisive commander during Robert’s Rebellion, and Lord Tywin Lannister is a notoriously cold and calculating war leader.

While certain events prevented these two notable figures from clashing on the field of battle during the War of the Five Kings, imagine who would have emerged victorious if they had...

Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to offer a new scenario for Battles of Westeros, now available online as a downloadable PDF. Visit the Battles of Westeros support page to download Fighting Fire with Ice (pdf, 800 KB).

One of the most interesting elements of Battles of Westeros is the ability to create speculative scenarios between your favorite characters and Houses from the A Song of Ice & Fire book series. The Fighting Fire with Ice scenario is one such scenario that asks the question: What if?

What if Lord Eddard Stark decided to ride out to meet the Lannister forces during the escalating events that led up to the War of the Five Kings? What if Tywin Lannister captured his enemies? Find out with this new scenario! Download Fighting Fire with Ice and choose your side wisely.

Set in the rich and vibrant world of George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series, Battles of Westeros is a board game of tactical battlefield combat for two players. With scenarios that include beloved characters and settings, players can recreate the most significant battles from The War of the Five Kings.

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Comments (7)

Published: 8/25/2010 6:03:44 PM

Looks like a great new scenario, a chance to get Eddard into the action, cant wait for the expansions.

Published: 8/19/2010 3:50:45 AM

oh just peachy...a new scenario for the "new" Battlelore - meanwhile nothing new in months for the TRUE Battlelore.

Published: 8/14/2010 5:00:45 AM


Joke huh? I guess that's acceptable then... (slowly retracting hand from above the Big Red Button of Death)

Published: 8/13/2010 3:11:41 PM

A battle between Eddard Stark and Tywin Lannister?

Hey, this game just became better than the books.

(That was a joke. Please don't kill me, Martinites. I'm one of you!)

Published: 8/13/2010 3:08:30 PM

I got this from Game Trade Mag and it looks sweet.

Man, I have to get this game to the table...2-player stuff is rare in my group...but this game was a must-have for me.


Published: 8/13/2010 2:57:02 PM

Nice to see that the Greatjon's unit is blue rank in this battle. I find red rank infantry commanders to be a bit annoying to use sometimes (due to their slow movement). Especially when they they are supposed to burn down siege towers on the other side of the board... :-P

Keep the stuff coming FFG! =D

Published: 8/13/2010 2:49:49 PM

 Thanks FFG! Looking forward to playing more BoW and now I have one more scenario to sink my (canine or feline, that is the question) teeth into. 

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