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A Look at Action Cards in Death Angel
Death Angel | Published 25 May 2010

This summer, Death Angel players will be able to enter the infested Space Hulk Sin of Damnation in an effort to exterminate the awaiting swarms of Genestealers. It will take cooperation and effective planning to survive such a deadly mission, and today we will preview the tools necessary to get the job done.

As a quick refresher, take a look at the description page to learn how setup works in Death Angel.

Action cards are the heart of Death Angel, since they are the only way to issue commands to your combat teams. These cards come in three different types: Attack, Support, and Move + Activate. There are a total of six combat teams, each with their own distinct color. Each combat team has its own set of Action cards which can only be used to activate Space Marines in that specific combat team (matching the color of their Action cards).

During gameplay, Action cards must be chosen secretly - players cannot show their Action cards to other players. This encourages players to discuss, plan, and coordinate their choices while ensuring that each player ultimately makes his own decision. Once everyone has chosen their card, all Action cards are revealed and resolved in numerical order from lowest to highest.

Support cards allow the current player to place a support token on any Space Marine. These support tokens can be later discarded to reroll the die when attacking or defending. Attack cards allow the activated Space Marines to attack a Genestealer swarm within their range. Finally, Move + Activate orders allow you to reposition your activated Space Marines, replacing their card with that of an adjacent Space Marine and/or change the activated Space Marine’s facing. Facing is important in Death Angel, as we’ll explore later.

Additionally, a Space Marine activated with a Move + Activate may also trigger a Terrain ability. These beneficial abilities can really save your skin. The Move + Activate Action card is vital to assembling your combat teams into an optimal formation. Genestealers swarm in unpredictable ways, so it's important to watch your brother’s back!

Check back next time when we look at just how unpredictable Genestealers can be!

Space Hulk: Death Angel - The Card Game is a cooperative card game for 1-6 players. Set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, players take on the roles of Space Marines pitted against the increasing hordes of Genestealers.

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Comments (18)

Published: 7/20/2010 8:37:52 AM

 First, I don’t think it’s fair to lay a charge of rules-lawyering on Yojimbo. A rules-lawyer is someone who tries to twist unclear rules and wording to their own advantage and is very distinct from someone who wants clear rules and wording.

Having said that, while the wording does seem to be a bit clumsy I also don’t think it’s fair to argue that the card is unclear, without having read the rules for the game to fully understand the framework that it’s referencing.

With the caveat that I have not read the rulebook either, the card does seem clear to me, though, and this is my interpretation of what’s going on:

My take on it is that the roll Lorenzo is making is a defensive roll and not an offensive one. It appears that a Skull is typically a bad result for the defending Marine player.

This card, therefore, reverses that effect, causing the attack to miss and allowing Lorenzo to kill a Genestealer instead. If there are any Genestealers left after that kill, they get to attack again.

Published: 6/23/2010 2:10:35 AM

yojimbo: hm, you´re a bit rules-lawer, aren´t you?

well, myself I am not a native speaker (which caused the ambiguity of "can/should" - more than an option I was thinking along the lines of a "consequence"...) which thankfully leaves me concentrating on what undoubtly the reason behind the rules was and not triffles of applied grammar

for 1) I guess it is pretty clear... when to use (sgt. defending), when it triggers (roll of a "skull") and the effect - GS attack misses and 1 ´Stealer is slain (maybe a punctuation problem there of havin comma before "and", but certainly no grammar)

for 2) your comment on combat seems a little theoretic, as so far I have no knowledge of the way combat really works... but who slays the GS is of little improtance - it means of of the is dead... and for the grammar - that "slay" refers to you as a player (it simply instructs you what to do)

for 3) well, the last sentence of previous paragraph...

but all that I can tell you is, that if you want to ruin a game just for these thing, I can only pity you...

Published: 6/17/2010 10:48:54 AM

Zion: the problem is several things.

1) When the player has to "figure out" what the card means. i.e., interpret, or guess, this causes confusion or argument over "how should it play?". Rules need to be clear to allow for planning, strategy, and tactics (which makes it immersive and fun), not figuring out what the card means (which takes the player out of the experience). Games that cause this tend to stay on the shelf. They're no fun.

And no, I don't argue with myself over the rules! I just hate having to figure out rules when I want to figure out how to complete the mission instead.

2) Case in point: This card can be interpreted differently than you describe. Sgt Lorenzo, in defending against an attack, rolls a skull. Therefore, the ATTACK is a miss, and a Genestealer is slain. If any Genestealers remain, they attack again.

It's not clear whether the missed attack slays the Genestealer, or if Sgt. Lorenzo somehow killes the Genestealer. In either case, that 'stealer dies. I don't think it's optional as you suggest by wording it as "can/should". I see it as the 'stealer dies, period.

3) It's still poor grammar, which means poor communication of the idea and, in turn, makes me wonder how many cards suffer from this... It's a "possible" sign that there is sloppiness throughout the game, and that make me cautious.

I LOVE the idea of this game. I WANT to love the product when it's out. I HOPE that FFG is more careful with the finished product than they are showing on the web page.

My budget is limited, therefore I will read reviews and study screen shots carefully to be assured that my fears are allayed before buying in.

That's my point.

Published: 6/16/2010 2:22:06 AM

yojimbo: the attack misses plus you can/should slay one of the attacking genestealers... what´s the problem?

(simply two different effects of the card)

Published: 6/8/2010 3:24:07 PM

As of 06/08/2010, the Counter Attack card shown seems to have a typo... or poor grammar. "Misses and slay"? The verbs in that sentence don't match, so I'm left wondering what the meaning is.

Anyone understand that one? Hope it's not an indication of the proofing performed on the final product!

Published: 6/7/2010 3:38:28 AM

Good idea to combine coop fighting-advanture and card game! Also attracts the social part of the game with discussions and taking actions. It'll bring some spice to copp gaming :)

Waiting for release!

Published: 6/6/2010 8:23:15 PM

 Very excited about this game ... can't wait for the release!!

Published: 6/4/2010 12:13:42 AM

More previews would be nice... oh and an early release =D

Published: 5/27/2010 12:11:05 PM

@ hahnarama: Thanky you! That means +2 weeks till it´s over the pond and that makes it a perfect birthday gift for me :)

Published: 5/26/2010 6:17:24 AM

 @Nurgle release date is 8/5 @ GenCon.

Published: 5/25/2010 12:55:48 PM

Ahh those news bout games that should already be on my table....release date? Looks great

Published: 5/25/2010 12:38:36 PM

Here we are.  Lunch time.  If I had this game I'd be playing it, right now.  Please FFG help make my lunches more enjoyable.  Release the game and spare me the forum trolling to which I have grown to love/hate.  Facebook be damned, I need Death Angels.

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