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Announcing Wardens of the West, an expansion for Battles of Westeros
Battles of Westeros | Published 12 May 2010

All across Westeros, the Great Houses prepare for war. The Starks to the north have taken up arms and declared a new King in the North. Meanwhile, various contenders and usurpers stake their claim for the Iron Throne, vying for control of the Seven Kingdoms. It is a time for armies to be gathered. And as the wealth of Casterly Rock buys loyalty with gold, the Lannister forces continue to swell...

This summer, Fantasy Flight Games is excited to expand your Lannister forces for Battles of Westeros with Wardens of the West! The coffers of Casterly Rock afford better armor and superior weaponry for its loyal troops. Now is your chance to bolster your Lannister ranks!

Wardens of the West is a Lannister reinforcement set that introduces three new Lannister commanders - Tyrion Lannister, Sandor Clegane, and Daven Lannister - each with their own special abilities and leadership cards. Just like the commanders in the core set, these new commanders have specific strengths (and weaknesses). For example, Sandor “the Hound” Clegane uses the new fearsome keyword, refusing to let his enemies disengage and forcing them to retreat two hexes for each morale result rolled in combat.

In addition to commanders, Wardens of the West also introduces three all-new unit types of Lannister affiliation. The House Brax pikemen specialize in formations, while the Clegane crossbowmen utilize the new aimed shot keyword. The Westerlands militia are easy to break and lack formal military training, but they make up for it in their vast numbers.

Wardens of the West adds more than 30 new plastic miniatures and over 30 new cards. It also includes a Rules and Battle Plans book as well as more terrain overlays, banners, and tokens. Additionally, Wardens of the West also introduces new game mechanics, such as the new Gambit cards, formations, and the deadly catapults!

Keep watching for more details, and be ready this summer when House Lannister's forces become even deadlier.

Set in the rich and vibrant world of George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series, Battles of Westeros is a board game of tactical battlefield combat for two players. With scenarios that include beloved characters and settings, players can recreate the most significant battles from The War of the Five Kings.

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Published: 5/24/2010 1:06:23 PM

Will you please release this game already! I simply can't wait any longer. Lacking BoW, Horus Heresy is driving me mad with temptation and I don't think I can resist much longer. This was your plan all along wasn't it? You conspire to force me to buy both games. The Big Shiny Boxes, they are calling... aaaarrrgh!

Published: 5/19/2010 5:25:28 PM

Thanks for that clarification. One thing i will say that i do hope for is that the expansions dont build off each other in a way that makes the previous required to get the next one, at least not in all circumstances. That way the players can pick and choose which ones are the most appealing to them and not be put off because all of the expansions need to be purchased.

Published: 5/17/2010 9:37:32 PM

It seems that people here are 'roaring' as the title of the thread says, but for different reasons...

Release the rules!! :)

Published: 5/14/2010 3:57:47 PM

I don't consider myself a nerd but I 've been wrong before, so I 'd like to explain a little bit what my problem with this particular expansion is.

I am anxiously waiting for BoW. I check every day for the rules or any news about it. Then I see the announcement of this expansion. Great! Then I read what will be in the box and I go: "I thought I was getting two nice distinguishable armies in that core set. But this expansion seems to be so much better then the stuff in the core set. I don't care for generic units, I want some Brax Pikemen! I want the Hound!". So, I am starting to get a little bit dissapointed about the core set.

And then I realise when they are going to publish this: "What? It's not even going to be two months away from the release of the core set. What's the rush? And it really feels like they withheld some cool units/mechanics/ideas from the core set to publish it right after as an expansion?". More dissapointment.

So, I am concerned. On one hand, I like FFG, I like Martin and have hopes for this one. On the other hand, they seem to be releasing this as a "game system" and being determined to expand the hell out of it, creating expansions just for the sake of expanding.  I like FFG but I don't want to be treated as a game junkie. And let's be honest, good, solid games (Chaos in the Old World, for example) can go for years without an expansion.

Oh boy, I am in serious need of some group therapy...




Lord Mykal
Published: 5/14/2010 3:17:28 PM

Angry nerds is a bit harsh...:-p....Confused and Bewildered maybe closer to the mark. Yes we all understand the business models and are well aware of the $ bottom line (unlike the bottom of my wallet FFG is rapidly getting me too! :-)

Expansion before the Game is even out? It's unusual you must admit. Its thrown us and we don't know what to think :-)

We want to play the game! We want time to digest it and understand it. Then we want to get teased with the future close at hand.

Its a little like preparing a great multicourse dinner then been tempted with the lovely dessert before even sitting at the table! I want time to enjoy the meal and digest it and then be primed for the dessert which is ready to go at the appropriate time :-)

Published: 5/14/2010 11:30:15 AM

Published: 5/14/2010 9:48:36 AM #32
Report The very first forum post after BoW comes out is going to be "When's the expansion coming out? Why aren't you releasing expansions? Are you not supporting this game!?!" So FFG announces an expansion, indicating their future support before the game is ever released, but apparently THAT makes people angry, too.


The Nerd Rage is delicious in its irony.


XD. Nerd rage! yes! You're right, but I think our fears weren't caused by an early expansion in itself, but by the possibility of that expansion could be something necessary to 'complete' the game experience, and not to complement it. It's nice to see how games have a great support, but really confusing to see how they announce expansions for something we haven't proved yet. With such an early announcement I guess that the general thought is: 'we won't have real time to enjoy BoW's possibilities before expansions come out, or we will need those expansions too early'.

Anyway, you're right, we are just angry nerds XD

Published: 5/14/2010 10:43:53 AM

After being confused because of the early announcement, I think the real question is: How much time is betwen release of core game and (first) epansion? That determines the time you have to save money and to play it.

In the end I think there's nothing wrong with announcing expansions early. But the expansion should not be launched too early. Please allow at least 3 months time window for a (probably) challenging strategy game like BoW. Time window between expansions should be between 5-6 months. Even frequent players need time to test it.

Published: 5/14/2010 9:48:36 AM

The very first forum post after BoW comes out is going to be "When's the expansion coming out?  Why aren't you releasing expansions?  Are you not supporting this game!?!"  So FFG announces an expansion, indicating their future support before the game is ever released, but apparently THAT makes people angry, too.

The Nerd Rage is delicious in its irony.


Published: 5/14/2010 8:04:04 AM

Mr. Petersen,

I really appreciate your answer, that means that you care about buyers opinions and complaints.

I understand that for you now 'Battlelore' refers to  'tactical medieval combat brand',  but I still think it can be confusing for new buyers to see on the shelves one game with the 'Battlelore' name, and other one with the 'Battlelore' label. Anyway, I understand it and I respect ii if it has been your marketing decision. 

What really annoyed me was the sense of incompleteness I got from the box. I understand now that you are trying to solve with BoW some issues you've got with other games, but It shocked me the announce of an expansion before the core set is out. By the way, that's another scary concept... 'Core set' seems to imply that  there is scant stuff inside the box and you'll need more and more expansions to enrich your gaming experience, maybe that's not truth, but I think that is the impression players get from those words. 

Anyway, I am really interested in this game (I was searghing something like this, but I didn't buy Battlelore because I prefer this game's theme and miniatures-You've done a great job with minis-), and that's why I felt scared when I saw an expansion so early. I play 'A Game of Thrones LCG' too, and I would like to get into this new game, but if I see expansions every month I will feel oversaturated and my economy will say: please, stop this! I know, this is business and you have to benefit, that's respectable, and no one forces us to buy all of your stuff, but I think that many of us prefer buying sustainable game lines rather than products that lead us to ruin if we want to collect them.

Many of you could say: 'ok, if you don't want something just shut up and don't buy it!' That's ok, I understand you, but I prefer discussing things and showing my opinion to FFG, so that they can offer us the best they can and that way we can buy their products happily and without feeling cheated.

Mr, Petersen, thanks for your answer (again) and I just hope FFG will know how to satisfy buyers (I know it's complicate, we are sometimes too exigent) without leading us to ruin :-)

Published: 5/14/2010 5:11:35 AM

What many posters ignore is the fact that :

1. Fantasy Flight is a business and must make a profit. They have to estimate demand and choose a price for each of their products that permits them to remain in business. Sometimes they get the price wrong and sometimes they get it right  (or somewhere in between.) This is not monopoly - you don't get the mass price discounts for huge ecnomies of scale - ours is a specialist hobby (unfortunately).

2. The original battlelore was produced at an uneconomical price point. Its also distorted the original demand for the game. Days of Wonder were unable to meet customer expectations with the expansions they produced and were probably financialy forced to sell the product. In the mean time many original fans drifted away from the game creating a huge degree of uncertianty over the actual market out there. Thats what made it difficult to estimate volumes and hence pricing points. I think they're getting more realistic over that with the gobbo expansion. Exactly how big Westeros will be is anyones geuss. FF obviously think it will be big or they wouldn't commit to it with expansions already.

3. Some people who previously complained about too little info are now complaining about too much. I don't get that!


Published: 5/14/2010 3:08:28 AM

I see it as a good sign that people are complaining that a release is coming too fast. It's usually the other way around. I for one would rather have a lot of expansions available as soon as possible. If the core game turns out to be as good as I hope, it will be good to know that I don't have to wait months and months for expansions. As for the "incomplete game" argument... come on people! I suppose it depends on how you define "completeness" though. If you wan't to have every army from the ASoIaF novels available in BoW then of course the core game must be incomplete, and you must be hopelessly unrealistic. If, on the other hand, you are talking about the game mechanics, well I recommend that you take a look at a couple of tabletop miniature games produced by a huge british company. 1000 "expansions" later and those games are still anything but complete in the sense of "balanced", "consistent" or "playable". OK, that was perhaps a little too hateful ;-). My point though is that game rules can be broken and bad regardless of how many expansions there are. I think we will have to reserve our judgement until we actually play the game. "Spring" is nearly over so it will be soon enough... 'course there will be no delays here... of course not... ;-)

Lord Mykal
Published: 5/13/2010 9:37:18 PM

Ok I was all for NOT getting BoW as soon as I realised this expansion was announced before the game had even hit the shelves!. I live in New Zealand so thought it was out in the states already :-(. To me too it seemed a bit cheeky to put it mildly.

I have several of the books but never got around to reading them. Batt Lore I pre-ordered and have all the expansions except creatures and dragons which I thought were fleecing me. I was a bit miffed with the takeover and BoW announcment before much real info on the continueance of BL was released.

However, if a CEO is reading these forums and taking the time to post and explain, even with scant real info, it makes me very inclined to stick with the company and see what develops. its a sign of engagement and consideration from the top not nomally assosiated with compainies such as this. I live in hope :-)

So I will await the releases with an open mind and an overdraft in my back pocket ! Bl and BoW may yet ocupy my game cupboard/wall/room!) :-) 



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