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Haarlock's Legacy Continues 7
A deeper look at Damned Cities
Dark Heresy | Published 06 January 2010

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Greetings, Dark Heresy fans!

We announced the release of Damned Cities earlier this week, the second adventure in the epic Haarlock’s Legacy Trilogy. These three adventures all offer some unique looks at particular worlds in the Calixis Sector and outline a dark pattern of events that threaten hundreds of worlds.

In Damned Cities, your acolytes will encounter a multi-layered mystery adventure, chock full of investigation and suspense. The acolytes will need to survive the depths of a wicked city, ambushes from any quarter, and somehow avert a civil war that could tear the city apart. It is difficult for even the Inquisition to tell whom to trust...and all the while, a looming threat builds to an explosive climax with the fate of the entire planet at stake.

Damned Cities features a detailed gazeteer on the frontier world of Sinophia, and includes a close look at the capital city of Sinophia Magna. I would be remiss if I did not point out that one of my favorite bits of the Warhammer 40,000 universe, the Adeptus Arbites, also have a major role!

The Haarlock’s Legacy Trilogy began with Tattered Fates and now moves into its second act with Damned Cities. The end of the trilogy looms nigh, so make sure your acolytes are prepared!

Dark Heresy is a roleplaying game set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, the grim darkness of the far future. Players take on the roles of Acolytes serving the Inquisition, rooting out heresy and corruption from within the galaxy-spanning Imperium of Man.

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Comments (7)

Published: 1/9/2010 1:02:15 PM

 How detailed are is the Adeptus Arbites in the second book? That's what I'm interested in.

Published: 1/9/2010 10:34:19 AM

This is me seconding the idea for compiled stat blocks.  It takes way too much time (before or during the session) to incorporate all the bonuses from various skills, talents and whatnot - especially from books with such appalling indices. 

I love the game - probably my favourite ever - but I *heartily* second this idea.  In spades.

Published: 1/9/2010 8:51:46 AM

I second the notion of PDFs that have all of the stats for encounters in published adventures pre-modified and set up.

Heck Id even pay a few dollars for them (like $2.50 or something)

I also agree with Wayld that one of my problems with the system is all the "rules" adjustments from talents. Sure, they are there to give the edge to individuals with them, but if you look at a character and forget what they all do, the game could slow down considerably if you look each one up. So perhaps a PDF with summaries as well.

Published: 1/8/2010 2:50:30 AM

I second wayld's opinion on looking up too many stats, why don't you put together pdfs with the stat blocks of every NPC in the adventure in a printer-friendly version and provide them in the download section.

Besides that i love FFG products, keep up the good work!

Published: 1/7/2010 5:30:46 AM

This time I hate FFG...  I never ever wanted to buy any of the remaining two books (due to my disappointment with the "Tattered Fates"...but since they spiced it with Sinophia, it seems I´ll HAVE TO HAVE IT *grmpf*

Published: 1/7/2010 3:36:25 AM

My group did just finish the Red Cages in Tattered Fates and will enter the carnival on sunday. I'm looking forward to it, but I suppose they will kill themselves at any one point. They already tried to escape the initial scene by opening the enemies gate because they supposed they'd "behave like dogs". Go figure... After burning a few fate points they actually escaped through the kennel.

But the adventure makes me realize what I don't like about the system. The stats of enemies are far to complicated. Having a load of talents which don't always tell you on the first look what they do is just bad. It's so much book keeping on the GMs side and really slows the game down. Also, writing "Take Monster ABC from Page XYZ in book HLM but swap K with O and P with W" is annoying. I'm usually using those adventures because I don't have too much time for preparing game sessions. Having to look up so much information just to get the intent of the author is not really what I want out of it. Having all rules and stats directly where I need them in an adventure (and no talent lists, but what can someone/something do) would be great. I'll leave psychic powers out of that, because I admit those are often too complicated to put an abbriviated version in there.

I still have to say I like the adventure Tattered Fates in general. The story is nice and I suppose a lot will happen now the PCs are able to roam free. I am looking forward to Damned Cities. And, as always, my players will fear it ;)

Published: 1/6/2010 10:52:45 PM

Cool.  Going to admit I never played Tattered Fates, but I own it and love it's episodic rather than linear structure.  Also interested to see where the Haarlock Legacy goes.  Thanks for the heads up!

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