Fantasy Flight Supply Sleeving Guide

This document lists current FFG games, what kind of board game sleeves they use, and how many packs of each kind you will need to completely sleeve a copy of that game. This list is periodically updated to take into account new games that FFG releases.

Games are listed alphabetically on the information sheet. Expansions will be listed beneath core games. Find your game on the list and note the colored dots and numbers in the same row as your game. The dots indicate which sleeves you will need (For example, Red = Mini European Size) and the numbers inside the dots indicate how many packs you will need, rounded to the nearest whole pack. Each pack contains 50 sleeves.

Fantasy Flight Supply Sleeving Guide (PDF, 340 KB)
Last update: 2/28/10. Added Anima: Twilight of the Gods, Battles of Westeros: Lords of the River, Battlestar Galactica: Exodus Expansion, Cosmic Conflict, Lord of the Rings: The Card Game Core Set, Magnifico, Tide of Iron: Fury of the Bear.

In print runs of A Game of Thrones: The Board Game labeled "Made in Germany", the cards are Standard Euro-sized (59x92mm). Current print runs of A Game of Thrones ("Made in China") use Standard American-sized cards. For more information, contact us at [email protected]

Card and Component List for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (PDF, 1.1 MB)
This document contains the complete list of cards and components, including quantities of sleeves needed to completely protect your Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay products.

Sleeve Sizes

To determine what kind of sleeves you will need, simply measure a sample card on the short and long side:

Sleeve measurements are for the size of the card, not the sleeve itself.

As shown in the illustration above, the card from Red November measures 1 5/8" inches on its short side and 2 1/2" inches on its long side. This card therefore fits in a Mini American sleeve.

Once you have the measurement of your cards, refer to the chart below to find the type of sleeve you need. Sleeve measurements are given in inches and millimeters.


Product Code Product Name Card Size in Inches Card Size in Millimeters Color Code
FFS01 Mini American 1 5/8 X 2 1/2 IN 41 X 63 MM Yellow
FFS02 Mini European 1 11/16 X 2 5/8 IN 44 X 68 MM Red
FFS03 Standard American 2 1/4 X 3 1/2 IN 56 X 89 MM Green
FFS04 Standard European 2 5/16 X 3 9/16 IN 59 X 92 MM Purple
FFS05 Standard Card Game 2 1/2 X 3 1/2 IN 63.5 X 88 MM Gray
FFS65 Square Card 2 11/16 IN X 2 11/16 IN 70 X 70 MM Blue
FFS66 Tarot Card 2 3/4 IN X 4 3/4 IN 70 X 120 MM Orange

Each pack of sleeves are color-coded so that when you go into your Friendly Local Game Store to purchase board game sleeves, you can be sure you've chosen the right kind.

Another way you can determine what kind of sleeves you need is to compare your cards to games you already own. Below you will find examples of games with cards that fit in the sleeves described.

High-Resolution Images of Art Sleeves


For a closer look at the beautiful art pieces featured on the back of the Fantasy Flight Supply Art Sleeves, click on the links below to download high-resolution images. Retailers and Distributors: When ordering Art Sleeves, ask for them by the name or product code listed below.

Art Sleeves Wave 1

FFS06 Spawn of Cthulhu - SOLD OUT
 FFS07 Hacan Lord  FFS08 Jaime Lannister
 FFS09 Zi Mei - SOLD OUT
 FFS10 Tomb of Ice  FFS11 Icewyrm

Art Sleeves Wave 2

FFS21 Summoning
 FFS22 Days of the Fox
 FFS23 Cersei Lannister
 FFS24 Cthulhu Rising
 FFS25 Arkham Horror
 FFS26 Minion of Shadow

Watch this space for updates on new art sleeves that are added to the line.

Fantasy Flight Supply Informational Flyer

Retailers and Distributors: This informational flyer provides all of the basic information about Board Game Sleeves and Art Sleeves to help your customers make informed purchases of Fantasy Flight Supply products. Feel free to copy and distribute this flyer.

Fantasy Flight Supply Informational Flyer - web-quality (PDF, 428 KB)
Fantasy Flight Supply Informational Flyer - print-quality (PDF, 7.8 MB)


For more information about how to measure your cards and determine what kinds of sleeves you will need, visit our Fantasy Flight Supply Description Page.

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