In a world very much like ours, in a time that resembles the chivalrous Middle Ages of Europe, a brave and valiant knight in the service of the king is drawn into a series of adventures filled with mystery, magic, and danger. From the fertile minds and pens of French writer/artists Fauche, Léturgie, and Luguy comes Percevan: knight, adventurer, warrior, and hero.

Brought along for the ride - sometimes dragged, sometimes lurching full-speed ahead - is Kervin, Percevan's corpulent and jovial troubadour sidekick. While Percevan wields his sword into battle with strength and skill, Kervin charms everyone around him with his famous flair.

Legends of Percevan chronicles the adventures of Percevan and Kervin as they journey through a magical version of our own medieval past, battling demons and sorcerers, witches and monsters, but mostly they contend with the all-too-human weaknesses of greed, corruption, and venality.

The History of Percevan

Percevan began when illustrator Philippe Luguy met writer Jean Léturgie and through their mutual love of comic books and the Middle Ages, decided to create the character of a free-spirited knight as the hero of a new book in 1982. Percevan's name, given to him by Jean Léturgie, suggests Perceval, a knight of the Round Table, and the epic quests of Arthurian legend. It is also a pun in French (roughly: "pierces the wind"), which suggested to the authors a "go-ahead type", an adventurer. An apt description of the character and stories of Percevan as a whole.

While a courageous, romantic, and independent knight - like the Knights-Errant of King Arthur's Round Table - made for a great centerpiece character, Percevan's heroic aloofness lacked a certain appeal. From the introduction of Legends of Percevan, Volume 1: "It became immediately obvious to both men that a solitary knight with no one to talk to doesn't make for a very good story." Almost immediately into the story stumbles Kervin, Percevan's faithful sidekick and foil. Whereas Percevan presents an ideal vision of heroism, valor, and strength, Kervin balances the stories with his lust for eating, drinking, and singing, but also with his tenderness towards his horse Hannibal and his furry pet Guimly.

A watercolor sketch of Percevan and Kervin by Philippe Luguy

Percevan's adventures are filled with rollicking action, history, heroic fantasy, and broad, slapstick comedy and have been popular in Europe for more than twenty year; Fantasy Flight Games is proud to showcase the unique stories of Percevan to a wider American audience in handsome, hardcover, graphic novel collections.

Percevan's legend begins with The Stars of Ingaar, a classic tale of magical jewels that bestow invincibility on their bearer, introduces its major characters, and sets the tone for the series of adventures that follow. Welcome to the world of Percevan: get ready for adventure!


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