Arkham Horror (pdf, 3.5 MB)
Read some house rules used by game designer Richard Launius. (pdf, 95 KB)
Curse of the Dark Pharaoh (pdf, 1.08 MB)
Curse of the Dark Pharaoh Revised Edition (pdf, 2 MB)
Dunwich Horror (pdf, 2.88 MB)
The King in Yellow (pdf, 113 KB)
Kingsport Horror (pdf, 3.12 MB)
Black Goat of the Woods (pdf, 500 KB)
Innsmouth Horror (pdf, 1.9 MB)
Lurker at the Threshold (pdf, 3.5 MB)
Miskatonic Horror (pdf, 2.5 MB)
Heralds and Investigators
Behold the horror of the Dark Pharaoh! Check out The Dark Pharaoh, Herald of Nyarlathotep, (jpg, 475 KB) using the new mechanics from The King in Yellow.
The Dunwich Horror, Spawn of Yog-Sothoth Herald, (jpg, 474 KB) for use with the expansion, Dunwich Horror.
Gabe, Tycho, and Anne-Claire, of Penny Arcade fame, join the fight against epic evil, with their own Investigator cards!
Gather your forces and compete against other teams across the world, in the Arkham Horror League.
League 1
Scenarios 1-10 (pdf, 7.1 MB)
League 2
Calvin Wright Ally (png, 715 KB)
Calvin Write Investigator Sheet (pdf, 3.6 MB)
Scenario 1 (pdf, 2.2 MB)
Scenario 2 (pdf, 991 KB)
Scenario 3 (pdf, 164 KB)
Scenario 4 (pdf, 717 KB)
Scenario 5 (pdf, 893 KB)
Scenario 6 (pdf, 901 KB)
Scenario 7 (pdf, 782 KB)
Scenario 8 (pdf, 709 KB)
Scenario 9 (pdf, 152 KB)
Scenario 10 (pdf, 172 KB)
How is your team of investigators holding up under the onslaught of the Ancient Ones? Check the Arkham Horror League Standings.

Arkham League

All the guidelines for the League can be found here. Updated 2/3/09

Arkham League Scores

All the scores can be found here. To view scores, right click and "Save As"

1st Session
Updated 2/2/09
2 Investigator Teams (png, 280 KB)
3-4 Investigator Teams (png, 1.14 MB)
5-6 Investigator Teams (png, 480 KB)
7-8 Investigator Teams (png, 125 KB)
2nd Session
Updated 6/25/09
2 Investigators (pdf, 560 KB)
3-4 Investigators (pdf, 1.27 MB)
5-6 Investigators (pdf, 455 KB)
7-8 Investigators (pdf, 177 KB)
All Investigators (pdf, 2.33 MB)
Investigators by country (pdf, 2.33 MB)
All-in-one FAQ for Arkham Horror and all expansions: Complete FAQ (pdf, 24.7 MB)
Arkham Horror FAQ (pdf, 7 MB)
Black Goat of the Woods FAQ (pdf, 1.5 MB)
Curse of the Dark Pharaoh FAQ (pdf, 1.2 MB)
Dunwich Horror FAQ (pdf, 3 MB)
Innsmouth Horror FAQ (pdf, 3.2 MB)
King in Yellow FAQ (pdf, 958 KB)
Kingsport Horror FAQ (pdf, 5.4 MB)
Lurker at the Threshold FAQ (pdf, 1.8 MB)
Miskatonic Horror FAQ (pdf, 2.7 MB)
Game Aids
This handy index to the Arkham Horror rules (pdf, 307 KB) is included in the Dunwich Horror rulebook and the revised printing of Arkham Horror.



12+ 1 - 8
2-4 hrs


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