The howls of wolves resound throughout the keep. Stalking up the stairs, Van Helsing draws the stake from under his cloak. He has tracked the vile fiend from Bordeaux to Saragrossa to Madrid to Lisbon, and now, for the moment at least, the beast is at bay. Outside, thunder crashes, and the relentless hunter flinches. In that instant, his quarry strikes! Taken aback by the sudden assault, Van Helsing drops his stake. Struggling desperately against the fiend, he manages to land a blow, temporarily stunning the revolting creature. Van Helsing prays that Mina Harker can hear his calls for help as he prepares himself for a second bout.

The year is 1898. It has been eight years since the events of Bram Stoker’s chilling gothic novel. The Count has returned, and he has awoken with a thirst for revenge. Fury of Dracula pits a team of hunters against the titular villain in a race to prevent him from spawning more of his foul ilk. Take up the role of Van Helsing, Dr. Seward, Mina Harker, or Lord Godalming as you search across Europe and the seas around it to find Dracula and his creatures of the night. Controlling Dracula is not without its advantages as well. Each turn, Dracula's controller gets to move the Count and lay traps for his pursuers. It is a game of mystery and danger. The sun is setting; can you destroy this foul beast before it’s too late?

Fury of Dracula is a semi-cooperative deduction game for two to five players and is playable in roughly two to three hours. The board, which features a stylish antique map of Europe that has the distinct look of yellowed parchment, displays seventy different locations - plenty of room for the evil count to sow the seeds of destruction across the old world.

For the Dracula player, the object of the game is to create an evil army of vampire servants, or to simply outlast or kill the Hunter players. This player alone has the right to move across the board in secret, revealing himself only when he has the upper hand. Conversely, the Hunters win by tracking Dracula like the animal he is and destroying him in nail-biting dice-based combat before he can succeed in his plan. But with each passing day, Dracula grows more intimidating, so the Hunters must beat both their foe and the clock!

While time is decidedly on Dracula’s side, the Hunters have their advantages. First, Hunters are able to avail themselves of Europe’s rail system, a more efficient means of traveling to certain cities (Dracula, a technophobic aristocrat, cannot utilize trains). Hunters also have an advantage in numbers; they must decide as a team whether to stick together for superiority in combat, or to spread out for a wider search. Finally, Hunters are not only able to reveal Dracula should they find his location, but they can also identify any of the four cities that Dracula most recently passed through; the element of deduction that this creates is at the heart of Fury of Dracula, and will create many tense confrontations and near-misses. 

But the Hunters cannot merely concentrate on finding their nemesis; they must also investigate locations where he has been- and if necessary, destroy his vile spawn in mortal combat. A clever Dracula player, on the other hand, will lead the Hunters around the board, springing time-consuming traps on them by day (when he is weakest) and attacking them personally by night (when he is most formidable). Fury of Dracula truly presents a compelling contest of wits.

While on Dracula’s trail, the Hunters must also build an inventory of weapons, artifacts, abilities, and allies- all of which can be brought to bear in the game’s climactic battles. Likewise, Dracula employs a wide range of devilish powers, from shape-shifting into wolf and mist forms to controlling the very minds of his adversaries. Indeed, by night, the hunted can easily become the hunter...

Nevertheless, through teamwork, determination, deduction, and a little luck, the Hunters may succeed in destroying Dracula once and for all... but they’ll have to find him first. Let the hunt begin!


10+ 2 - 5 2 - 3 hrs


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