Tannhäuser: Operation Novgorod

A new faction has risen to challenge the balance of power in the Great War. The forces of the Russian Matriarchy command advanced technology and ancient theology as they emerge from their torpor to purify the world. By using the technology of President Edison’s one-time pupil Nikola Tesla, they have devised a way to bring ancient Slavic divinities to a semblance of mechanical life. The power they have harnessed threatens to tip the balance of the war forever.

Featuring a new faction, new heroes, robotic minions, and an all-new character type, Operation Novgorod is a completely new way to play Tannhäuser. 

  • Master the powerful Liturgies of the Holy Commissar Irina Kravchenko, the Siren of Samarkand. 
  • Become Zor’ka, the technological incarnation of an ancient god and Tannhäuser’s first Legendary-class character!
  • Customize and combine the powers of Zor’ka’s servitors, the robotic Voïvodes. Irishka Voronin’s technological savvy can repair these robots, and even return the spark of life to destroyed Voïvodes!
  • Discover a new game board, the Tesla Priory, where all three factions of Tannhäuser will battle for supremacy!


  • Folding Game Board
  • Full-color Rulebook
  • 5 Character Sheets
  • 7 Pre-painted Plastic Figures
  • 128 Game Tokens

Case Quantity: 6 ISBN: 9781589944183

Not Available
Tannhäuser: Daedalus Map Pack Expansion

Somewhere in Crete, buried under the Palace of Knossos, lie some of the most sought-after secrets. Conceived, designed, and built by Daedalus himself, the Labyrinth will not surrender its priceless treasures easily, the struggle may cost you and your troops your very lives. But the end of the interminable world war is surely worth the price!

Are you prepared for Tannhäuser in the Labyrinth of Minos?

Tannhäuser Daedalus features:

• With 4 Entry Points, its singular Pathfinding and its new special spaces and surprising effects will give your tactics a rude awakening!
• Featuring two brand new maps, this expansion gives you a wealth of new options.
• Engage in a campaign of six original scenarios! 64 tokens are included to supplement your objectives, scenarios, and equipment!

With Tannhäuser Daedalus, the secrets of the Labyrinthe of Minos will soon be revealed to you!


• 1 two-sided Game Board
• 1 full color rulebook (24 pages)
• 6 new scenarios
• 64 tokens

Case Quantity: 0 ISBN: 978-1-58994-840-2

Tannhäuser: Operation Hinansho

While the Union continues to pit new technology against the Reich’s occult magic, the Matriarchy teeters on the brink of civil war due to the rise of the New Guard. Still, the great nations all find themselves with new questions when the forces of Japan send their armies into continental Asia and take Tianjin on the coast of China…

The great powers turn their attention to East Asia in Operation: Hinansho, a campaign expansion for Tannhäuser.

After the Shogunate’s entrance into the war, the other great powers must race for answers at the site of a crashed Union airplane in the South China Sea and at an abandoned research base in northern Japan.

Operation: Hinansho gives players new maps, rules, game tokens, secrets, and espionage as it explores intrigues in the Far East. Players also receive all the tokens they need to play the Shogunate as an independent faction, on any map in their Tannhäuser collection, and optional rules let you wage larger battles than ever before.

Visit our Shogunate website to learn more.

Case Quantity: 6 ISBN: 978-1-61661-205-4

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