Too small to be seen, alien insects invaded Earth long ago... and now they’re ready to fight for world domination!

Field your army of genetically engineered bugs and confront your enemy. Will you fight for the ferocious aliens or brave terrans? Each race features amazing powers, but you will also need skill to achieve victory.

Created by Nexus Games, known for War of the Ring, Moto GP, Wings of War, and the awesome board game Age of Conan, Micro Mutants is a game of strategy and dexterity that’s fun for players of all ages and experience levels. 2-4 players roll dice, flip Micro Mutants like tiddlywinks, and wield powerful special abilities!

Micro Mutants is surprisingly simple to pick up and learn. Each turn a player rolls two dice to determine which of his or her mighty insect soldiers to send forth. Then play proceeds like tiddly winks, with players launching bug tokens through the air. Any opposing insects unfortunate enough to be under an opponent’s tokens when they land are eliminated!

This takes a fair amount of practice, but watching your Kommissar take out a Centurion is well worth the patience. Also available as targets for your chitinous horde are your opponent's bases. These hexagonal bases represent the factories and munitions your opponent has available. If you ever run out of bases, you are out of the game.

Each of the four factions of Micro Mutants has different special abilities and units, ensuring a unique play experience for each. The Chitinians feature a heavy emphasis on firing projectiles at their opponents, and can shoot both acid and webs to either melt or trap enemy bugs. The alien Flyborgs are the masters of manipulation; they have a heavy focus on moving their own bugs, as well as the opponents bugs. The Sovietopters have a good blend of options with their tanks able to fire flame projectiles, and the Kommisars are able to bring back their own bugs every time they kill an enemy bug! The U.S. Arthropods have a little bit of everything. They feature some bugs that can fire projectiles, some that can move other bugs, some that can snipe at other bugs without being targetable themselves, and even some that can attack twice!

Each army has three base modules, and your objective is to capture two of your opponents’ bases by landing your token on them. In the advanced game, bases can be upgraded by spending harvested resources, which allows you to play powerful evolution cards. These cards can give your bugs or your bases powerful special abilities... but you must choose which evolution to use each time you upgrade your base. Choose well, and you'll be victorious!

So grab your flipper and send forth your insect minions. There is a microscopic war to be won!


10+ 2 - 4 30 min

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