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Runebound 2nd Edition

The marketplaces are quiet; the streets deserted. The rumors in the taverns and the whispers in the inns all suggest the same – the evil necromancer Vorakesh is raising undead legions to help him bring back Margath, the High Lord of All Dragonkind. If the realm has ever needed heroes, this is the time!

In Runebound, up to six players can adventure in a fantasy realm full of danger and peril. Travel down raging rivers, explore dark and mysterious forests, and fight all manner of heinous beasts intent on stopping you from your goal – destroying the great dragon Margath before he destroys the land!

Runebound Second Edition, the new standard in adventure board games, is all you liked about the original best-selling game and more. A complete revision of the original, Runebound Second Edition has an updated game board, revised rules, new and more challenging monsters, and twelve plastic figures to represent the stalwart heroes of the realm. This epic game of high fantasy is now better than ever!

Runebound is a fantasy adventure board game for 2-6 players.


Case Quantity: 6 ISBN: 9781589941557

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Runebound: Essential Collection

The Essential Collection contains six previously released expansions for Runebound, now available in one convenient and specially priced package. Featuring six single deck expansions, consisting of Adventure variants, Challenge cards, Items, and Allies, the Essential Collection is a great way to breathe new life into this beloved game of fantasy adventure.

The Essential Collection contains two new Adventure variants for Runebound, telling the tales of The Cataclysm and The Seven Scions. With cursed stars falling from the sky and the threat of the Stormlords invading Terrinoth, heroes are needed more than ever! Each of these Adventure variants are comprised of new game rules and new Adventure decks that replace the Rise of the Dragonlords Adventure in the core set. These expansions not only tell new stories, but they give players new objectives and alternate win conditions.

Also included in the Essential Collection are the Beasts and Bandits and Traps and Terrors Challenge card expansions. These two decks will add plenty of variety to your encounters and can be mixed in to the Adventures of your choice.

Finally, the Essential Collection also comes with two Item and Ally card expansions, Weapons of Legend and Rituals and Runes. These decks add new cards to your Market deck, featuring new Item types and dozens of new weapons, allies, and artifacts!

  • 6 Previously released card expansions for Runebound
  • 2 Adventure Variants, 2 Challenge Card expansions, and 2 Market Card expansions

Case Quantity: 6 ISBN: -

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