Designed by Donald X. Vaccarino (Dominion, Kingdom Builder) and based in the Android universe, Infiltration is a tense card game of futuristic larceny in which two to six players take the roles of thieves, competing to steal valuable secrets from a highly secured corporate facility. The most vital information lies deep within the complex, but each step inward takes you farther from escape. Worse yet, corporate mercenaries are closing in! How long will you push your luck as you avoid security patrols, surpass rival thieves, and try to download the most data before the building is locked down?

A Different Heist Every Time You Play

The CyberSolutions complex is a multi-story maze of warehouses, laboratories, and office cubicles, abstractly represented by two rows of just six large cards each. Taking control of their thieves, players break into the complex through the Entry Room, the lower-leftmost card in the lineup. Each thief then proceeds counter-clockwise through the two rows of Room cards, overcoming obstacles, gathering helpful items, and stealthily downloading data along the way. Pressing ever deeper into the CyberSolutions building is a (mostly) linear affair, but unless you can find a rare alternate means of escape, the Entry room remains your only access to freedom...and with each passing moment, the risk of it being sealed increases.

With thirty-two Room cards from which to randomly construct the complex’s twelve rooms (plus a thirteenth secret room!), replayability abounds. What’s more, the specific order in which the Room cards are placed will generate countless combinations and synergies. For example, will the Moving Sidewalk Room card unexpectedly send you to the CEO’s office, where some of the best data awaits? Or will it deliver you straight into the Incinerator, where the results will be somewhat less beneficial? Deceptively simple and infinitely versatile, Infiltration’s setup system ensures that the CyberSolutions facility almost never has the same layout twice.

Fans of the Android universe will appreciate Infiltration’s attention to thematic detail, as each thief has his own motivation for taking part in this daring late-night larceny. Tech Expert Gabriel Correa Santiago might be in it for the money and the thrills, but bioroid “Marilyn” 7Y3T9D has more personal reasons. And while the mysterious Mr. White seeks to gather information for his own enigmatic purposes, inside man Hugo Cash just wants to lash out at a corporation that laid him off after thirty years of loyalty, just to give his job to a “blasted golem.” But there’s no loyalty among thieves; although the group may have started out working together, all bets are off once the alarm starts blaring and the security mercs start closing in.

Featuring a map that’s never quite the same twice, characters with engaging backstories, and optional rules that make each thief a specialist, Infiltration delivers a unique game experience again and again.

Pushing Your Luck

Each turn, players select either an Item card or an Action card, which will dictate their movements for the round to come. Item cards represent various tools and weapons that a thief might find throughout the facility; generally, their use is situational and they are played and then discarded. A player’s four Action cards, however, are permanent fixtures in his hand. Once they’ve been resolved, they are reclaimed to be used on a future turn. These all-important cards present the range of options with which a clever thief maneuvers through the facility and steals valuable information.

The simplest of the Action cards are Advance and Retreat, which move a character forward and backward through rooms, respectively. A Retreat Action, when played in the Entry Room, allows a thief to escape the facility and avoid capture. Once you’ve pressed your luck as far as it will go, you’d do well to make a hasty withdrawal from the CyberSolutions building! After all, wealth will be of little use to you if you’re thrown in prison.

But how do you interact with the facility’s advanced technology? And how do you claim Data Files, the victory points that determine the winner? After you’ve used your Advance and Retreat cards to maneuver to the room of your choice, your Interface Action lets you utilize that Room card’s Interface effect. These effects offer a range of advantages: Stop by the Infirmary and fire up its automated equipment to heal your wounds, or raid the Security Station for its weapons to draw an Item card.

Finally, your Download Action card allows you to perform your most important function: stealing data. Most Room cards feature a number that abstractly represents the amount of valuable data available in its computer terminals, and by playing your Download card, you can hack in and grab the virtual loot!

The Clock is Ticking

All the while, security mercs are on the way to CyberSolutions to complete a regularly scheduled patrol, and if they find evidence of a break-in, they’ll lock down the facility and end the game.

The mercs’ approach, which is represented by the security tracker dial, can quickly speed up in response to your get in, get the data, and get out. If the security tracker’s alarm dial reaches 99, each character still in the building is captured by mercs and eliminated from end-of-game scoring. How much information can you download before you hear their sirens blaring outside?

Compounding your challenge, lab workers and other non-player characters await throughout the facility, working late into the night while completely unaware of your illicit entry.

Inadvertently making yourself known to them could have disastrous results, thrusting the security tracker’s alarm dial upward prematurely. So when it comes down to a question of freedom, be sure you’ve got a strong stomach and the right tools for the job. Sometimes, such obstacles just have to be...neutralized.

With its nearly infinite replayability and tense push-your-luck action, Infiltration is perfect for fans of fast-paced card games, the rich dystopian world of Android, or the work of celebrated designer Donald X. Vaccarino. Get ready; the mercs are on their way, and once the alarm sounds, it’s every thief for himself!


14+ 2 - 6 30 - 45 min


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