SmileyFace is a card game of face-to-face family fun for four to eight players. This clever family game by designers Bruno Faidutti and Gwenaël Bouquin, featuring delightful art by Antonio Dessi and Ben Prenevost, includes 82 cards with dozens of quirky and colorful characters based on popular emoticons. Over the seven short rounds of the game, each player tries to collect the highest total face value of cards of a single type. Each round brings new surprises as the values of cards change and the wacky Mischief cards come into play. Only the player with the highest score for a round (and perhaps the player who lent him a helping hand) will win points! All the other players are out of luck. :(

To begin, each player chooses a color and is dealt a hand of five to seven cards from a shuffled deck, depending on the number of players. Emotion cards make up the bulk of this deck, and are divided into four suits: Happiness (Yellow), Sadness (Blue), Surprise (Green), and Anger (Red). Each card has a printed value between one and five, and their hilarious and adorable faces grow more emotional as their value increases.

You may also receive a few Mischief cards (which are shuffled into the same deck), and these do not have a suit or printed value. Instead, they cause special effects when played, as indicated by the text found on their cards. Mischief cards add an element of whacky unexpectedness to the game, and give you plenty of opportunities to wipe that smile off your opponent’s face!

With your hand of cards ready, you’ll compete with the other players to win as many of the game’s seven rounds as possible... with the ultimate goal of collecting the points awarded each round, then controlling the most points at the end of the game.

Gameplay in SmileyFace is simple and engaging, with a delightful unpredictability that will send you on a fun-filled roller coaster of emotions. During each new round, the four suits of the game are randomized and placed in a column called the Suit Ranking Chart. The one on top is the Boss Suit, and each matching card for the round will receive a +1 bonus to its value. The suit on the bottom, however, is the Newbie Suit, and it’s worth nothing. Be careful! There are Mischief cards that can change the Suit Ranking Chart mid-round, and with a well-played card from your opponent, your happy victory could become a surprising defeat!

Moving in clockwise order, each player simply plays a card from his or her hand, placing it face up on the table. All matching cards in a single player’s area adds to his or her score, with a bonus if they match the Boss Suit (and no value if they are of the Newbie Suit). You may also play a Mischief card on your turn, carrying out its text effect immediately.

Does it look like you can’t possibly win the round? Don’t get angry... lend a helping hand! You can always pass (taking no action) by tipping your colored Player token on its side, indicating that you cannot play any more cards for the round (though you can still win if your score allows it). Better yet, you could give a card from your play space to another player! This is called playing a “Helping Hand,” and it essentially allows you to pick the player you think will win the round. If you’re right, and the player who has your Helping Hand token wins, you’ll score points as well!

With its easy-to-learn rules, quick gameplay, and delightful artwork, SmileyFace is fun for all ages. Best of all, every game is sure to bring a smile to your face!


8+ 4 - 8
30 min

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