Horus Heresy

On the thirteenth day of Secundus, the bombardment began…

In the greatest betrayal the universe has ever known, the Warmaster Horus – once humanity’s greatest general, now corrupted by Chaos – has turned against the Emperor and hurled the Imperium of Man into ferocious civil war. The galactic conflict has risen to its climax. The Warmaster’s ruinous legions have assaulted Holy Terra itself, the Emperor’s seat. Here the fate of humanity hangs in the balance during the greatest military campaign ever seen.

In the Horus Heresy board game, this legendary battle unfolds across the razed plains of Terra and in the frozen orbit above....

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The Answers Are Here
The FAQ for Horus Heresy is now on the support page

A Glimpse into the 31st Millennium
Presenting a video overview of Horus Heresy

Prepare For War: The Battle of Terra Has Begun!
A view from the Horus Heresy Launch Event at the FFG Event Center

Treachery and Heroism at Your Local Game Store
Horus Heresy is now on sale

On The Thirteenth Day...
Check out the launch of Horus Heresy at the FFG Event Center, April 13th

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