Merchant of Venus

Xandar hauled a piece of impossible furniture onto the bridge, curious why it sold so well across the galaxy. Designed by the Whynoms, the thing looked more like a chair than anything else, but the way it adapted to hold the wires dangling from his open engine assembly gave him the creeps. They said that impossible furniture could adapt to hold giant tentacles or slugs. Xandar shook it off. Space loomed before him, and his cargo holds were full. It was time to get rich.

The galaxy is bursting with opportunities for savvy space traders to exploit, and the race to profit blasts off in Merchant of Venus. Discover new alien cultures and learn where you can get rich...

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Answers for the Interstellar Salesman
The FAQ for Merchant of Venus Has Been Updated

Share Your Hard Won Solo Ventures
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Some New Specifics on Selling in Space
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Merchant of Venus Is On Sale Now
Explore the Cosmos and Compete For Credits

Know Your Market
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